Dear Allah – A Poem

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Written by Hassan. A narration by Nesrin.

Dear Allah,

I hope you get this letter, as I’m in a great deal of doubt.

I don’t get your Divine Plan, what’s it all about?

There you are, before a creation to fill

Nothing but Allah, he, himself and his will,

Perhaps you were lonely, though even then you knew.

You’d create angels, to obey and worship you.

Maybe this wasn’t enough, you were not amused,

But why you created Satan, just leaves me bemused

You gave man a mind and a freewill to choose

Then demanded he believe in irrational, contradictory clues

While keeping yourself hidden from all verification

Threatening torture if we don’t prostrate in supplication

You sent prophets and books to a patch of land

And miracles galore to that sacred area of sand

But before man can scientifically record and corroborate

You decide communications must now mysteriously terminate

You say you are testing mankind — to see who is true

Though saint and sinner, you already knew

But worse than this is the consequence of this test

It’s results are iniquitous — perverse at best

Those, who accept on faith, myths handed down

Will enjoy eternal bliss and never have to frown

While those who insist on reasoning with their brain

Will be sent to the fire of Hell to suffer eternal pain

Dear Allah none of this makes sense to me

Please tell me if there is something I’ve failed to see

And I don’t understand when so many suffer and die

What is the reason — I cannot see why?

Was it a test for the baby, her father or mother

Or was she sacrificed to test someone other?

When you planned all this did you count every tear

Was your ultimate purpose that we tremble in fear

And when all are in Heaven or Hell — as dictated by fate

Will you sit back on your throne to shouts of “Allah is Great”?

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