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This is a small subset of the ex-Muslim members registered at the Council of Ex-Muslims forum. The full list may be found here.

See also: CEMB Muslims


NickGenderCountryCurrent viewsTop 3 reasons for leaving IslamAnnotations
_truth_USAAtheist Was raised as a Sunni Salafi
AaBangladeshAtheist Reading COEM helped him to apostatize
AbbasMeraliUKAtheist His story
AbdolAzizQatarAtheistMuslims hatred of people who don't agree to what they say; Too many sects; I saw debates which made me know that atheists hold strong arguments
AboodCanadaAtheistIncompatibility with science
agentwarCanadaAgnostic AtheistScience, the numerous contradictions found in all the "holy books", George Carlin, Richard Dawkins, etc etc
AGirlWithDoubtsUKAgnosticFactual errors and inconsistencies in the Quran; A misogynistic and sadistically cruel god; Generally inhumane practices being allowed (such as slavery, child marriage, discrimination towards others based on their beliefs etc.)
Al RaziUKAtheist Occasionally writes funny, Arabic revelations
algebra CanadaTheist
Ali Marwa Christian
All_Brains Atheist Psychologist
allatCanadaAtheistLack of women's rights & LGBT rights in Islam; Muhammad's bad character as an "infallible prophet"; the ruthless, sadistic, invisible AllahAtheist-Pantheist to be exact
Ally_SUSAIgnostic non-theistI abhor Islam's teachings of hatred and violence, I find the religion to be completely false, and Islam will not let me be the person I truly am.
AlmostAishaCanadaAtheist Ex-Convert
Angel54CanadaAgnostic Agnostic deist
AngonaUSAgnosticIslam's conflict with rationality & science; Misogyny in Quran and especially Hadith; Religious Muslims' hypocrisy; Muhammad's characterBangladeshi
AnisahUSAAgnostic Muslim Convert for 12 years, now Agnostic Unitarian.
Her Blog
anonexmuslimaCanadaAtheistThe religious teachings of Islam stopped making sense to me, the abundance of islamic beliefs and hadiths that directly contradict my values, the lack of real evidence backing Islamic claims
Anti-bullshitKenyaAtheistI have never been fond of myths/legends/folktales and always asked for proof of any story told to me even in my childhood; If Allah really was mighty/merciful/full of wisdom, he wouldn't let kids suffer in the world - c'mon why is'nt he smiting down pedophiles? - just an example; Women are not equal to men in Islam - big issue for me; I believe scientific evidence & Islam says science is bullshit
apostateUKGave up believing in Fairies at the age of 7
asbieUSAtheistQur'an [4: 11]; [2: 282]; [3: 28]; [4: 89]
Asif H.PakistanAtheistInconsistencies of religions with science; Acceptance of slavery in Islam; If there really was a God, he/she should have informed about his/her presence to all the human beings not just few "chosen" people.
AsiyaDenmarkJust being me!Long story short, I just stopped believingFormer Muslim convert for 7 years
ateapotistUKAtheistIncompatible with science; anti-freedom; barbaric punishments under ShariaHis intro
AunUKAtheist Islam is cruel, it is arrogant, and it encourages hate in different manners; Islam is basically mind control
AuroraSaudi ArabiaAtheist
aussieexmuslim Australia
awaisUSASpiritual AgnosticEtymology
AwayFromIslamUKChristian Married a Muslim and converted to Islam
Azdaha ExMuslimPakistanAgnosticEternal hell for only disbelief, rapists / mass murderers / robbers / thieves can repent and will get 72 virgins and non alcoholic alcohol and other enjoyments, rational thinking not allowed
AzizAustriaAtheistHell; slavery; 4:34YouTube channel
barisTurkeyAtheistSlavery,child abuse,brutality,Lack of women's rights,life of muhammed,history of islam,quran,cruelty and ego of god,hell and heaven concept
beepmeepUSAAtheistIslam is a blatant copy and paste from other past historical texts and myths; Lack of women's rights; It all seems so stuck in the 7th century. (Bonus Reason: Why the heck would a god go all anal on such a small creation in the first place?)
BerberEllaUKAtheist Our Great Goddess and one of the founders of the forum
BeyTUAEScepticlack of women's rights; incompatibility with science and reason; penalty for apostasy
BlackDogEuropePantheist Was a Shia-Muslim; speaks Arabic; raised in Europe
Bo VineUAEAtheist I value the mind, islam values emotions and faith over mind; All prophets were shepherds, and they know how to lead the sheep; Top reason for leaving? sciences, mainly biochemistry and psychology. Existential nihilist
BobonautUSAAtheist Apostatized because of good, atheist YouTube videos
Bold9kPakistanAtheist Lack of women's rights; Discrimination against minorities; More political than spiritual
Bolton34UKAtheistConstant use of apologia; Refusal to listen to rational criticism of Islam; Lack of actual science in the Qur'an
brummieUK ex-Shia
burdenofbeingTurkeyAtheistThe notion that the god of the reality we live in puts blind faith over anything else, in spite of the rest of its creation; The notion that humans are being tested, when the rules and the aspect of the test is so vague and nonsensical; The impossibility of the proposed god, based on the contradicting nature of its specifications
CahitKayaAustriaAtheist Head of the Austrian Council of Ex-Muslims; Facebook
CaravaggioUKAtheistIncompatibility and paradox of free will and predestination; Numerous errors and contradictions in Quran; Muhammad not being an exemplary figure to follow for all times and places.Bangladeshi by ethnicity
carolineislandsUSA Converted but flip-flopped shortly after
CatoNigeriaDeistQur'an is not a divine book but a man made and i don't believe the authenticity of hadith
chickpeaUSA Blog
CitizenXUKAtheistNever really believing; Blatant and inherent sexism to women; The concept of submission and the lack of free will
codehawkIndiaAtheistThe fall of the scientific "miracles" in the quran and many insane stories such as giant humans, talking ants, flying donkey and other stuff and also about contradicting from evolution; The realisation of the flawed personality/character of Muhammed; The concept of hell and the fact that many people base their entire philosophy based on hell.
Cool CanadianCanada Ex-Convert
coolred38 Ex-Convert
cwar068AustraliaAtheist His website; YouTube Channel
cynical-guyEgyptAtheistThe fall of the scientific miracles claims, Slavery in Quran, The prophets serrah according to Hadeeth
Da_DudeAustraliaAtheistCruelty allowed and encouraged, lack of women's rights and rather being oppressive, lack of freedom of religion.Her blog; Her intro
Damian_GrayUKAtheistIs a hateful religion which worships Mohammed; Is incompatible with science; Has barbaric punishments for minuscule things that it considers sins.
Darkeyed9USAtheistMuhammad and his life/deeds; Lack of women's rights; False science/illogical reasonings
DawrulIndiaAtheistA scientist, born researcher, with functional brain capable of understanding complexity of genome and its regulation which lead me to deeply understand the evolution, natural selection and then I read religious books a.k.a threats and oil boiling strategy to indoctrinate/brainwash free thinking, so this was not going to happen.
dcexmuslimUSA From Washington D.C.
DescentIndiaAtheistthe laughable scientific inaccuracies and ignorance found in the Quran
Dr DiavoloUKAtheist Real Doctor
ElToroGermanyAtheistDon't get along with the idea of hell punishment for non-Muslims, and also all the rules and lack of freedom.
EmeraldSaudi ArabiaSpiritual AgnosticWomen's rights; Jihad; negative effects of Islam on Muslims
envixerUKAtheistCan't believe that an all-knowing deity can say that the earth was created in a geocentric universe; I have daughters. I can't accept that they are second class citizens; I have surpassed the morality of a deity that allows slavery
e-rajaUKAtheistLack of actual verifiable evidence for any supernatural claims made in Islam; Philosophical contradictions in the definition of God and the actions of said God. Doctrine riddled with logical fallacies; The ridiculous notion that faith/gullibility can accurately measure what is true or not.His intro
ExKimDonesiaAustraliaAgnostic She was a little Internet celebrity as a convert to Islam; "Famous Muslim to infamous Murtad"; Her Muslim website; Her YouTube channel
exmuslim24DenmarkAtheistScience and Mathematics collide with the old ancient text books.
exmuslimhussainUKAtheistStopped praying and believing; None of the religions make any sense in the real world; Islam is the most barbaric by far
FaithlessLadyMalaysiaAtheistSuppression of questioning; Islam requires total submission which is tyranny; Character of Muhammad is highly questionable.
FaizUAEAtheistThe genocide of Banu Quraiza; The qadr and free-will paradox; Death penalty for leaving Islam
galfromusaUSAAtheistRealizing all my religious experiences were the results of not having the right balance of chemicals in my brain and learning actual science not dogma-drenched psuedoscience.
GallasadeqKuwaitAtheist Ex-Shia
GodotUKAtheistViolent punishments; slavery; gender inequalityWasn't really devout, but took faith seriously. Strong existentialist, and a secular humanist.
GoldieUK Apostatized in our forum
goldtapUKAgnosticThe reward points system; How easily the religious texts can be "misinterpreted"; Sharia Law: even after ditching the Hadiths, the "Quran" sharia was not much better.
Haji Murad
Hanan_x3USAAgnostic Theist
harakaatUAESecular HumanistIncompatibility with science, philosophy and liberalismOriginally from Algeria
HarounUSAAtheist Ex-Salafi
HassanUKAgnosticHell; slavery; 4:34Former teacher at an Islamic school; studied Arabic; YouTube channel
Hedaya Agnostic
HenriMonierUKAtheistIdeology; fallacies; barbaric practices
henrypageUKAtheistMuslim reactions to 9/11
HeyjustlookingUKAgnostic Came as an open-minded, doubting Muslim, apostatized later on
hipsterrunoffAustraliaAtheistLack of scientific merit; Too Arab centric; Woeful lack of historical sources of early Islamic history and scripture.
HiraPakistanAtheistA functional brain; Allah looks like a misogynist homophobe, who loved teaching how to beat your wife in quran but forgot to mention the cure of cancer or the punishment of rape; And then there is science.
humblesoulNigeriaSceptic Was a devout Sunni. Dawkins, YouTube atheists and COEM forum helped him become an apostate
H. X. HufnagelAustraliaAtheistNo proof for allah AT ALL; Too evil to worship even if he did exist; Teaches immoral things
iamfreenowNigeriaAgnosticpreaching hatred of non-Muslims, illogical and irrational, contradictions in the Quran, the life Muhammad lived, lack of dynamism, the lies I was told by muslims and islam since childhood, the absurdities in the Quran/hadith/sirat.
IblisCanadaAtheist Bangladeshi, born in Kuwait
ibnishaqUSA Apostatized in our forum
ImagerShockUAEAtheistQur'an was a terrible read; Muhammad as a Prophet was not a nice old dude;Us vs Them, slavery and sexism Pakistani
INcePtionUKAtheistThe violation of human rights; It is a man-made dogma; Incompatible with science
inter329SomaliaAgnostic Eternal hell for disbelief; Slavery; Men can marry up to four wives and obtain countless of female slaves for sexual pleasures.
Iraqi AtheistUKAtheist Fled Iraq because of the war and settled in the UK; became atheist thanks to the popular ('new') atheists
Isaac SchrodingerCanada
IshinaUKAtheistMuhammad; The Qur'an; Muslims
IsLameUKHumanistGod's invisibility and cruelty; existence of polytheism; net effect of the Qur'an on MuslimsYouTube channel
Jack TorranceUKAnti-Labelist
jamshed rajaUKAtheist
Jinn and TonicUSAAgnostic Convert Muslimah for 1 1/2 years.
jvegasUKAgnostic AtheistEvolution, and evidence being in DIRECT CONTRADICTION to claims made in Prophetic tradition; Flying horses, talking ants, people living in whales, splitting the moon etc etc; Hell, and the psychological grip it has on people.
kero-zen HumanistIslam is immoral; and illogical; desire to be free to think for himself
khalid saeedPakistan His brother is also an ex-Muslim, humanist atheist
kimoEgyptAtheist His story
King TutUKAtheistAttributes of Allah are self-contradictory
kulayKuwaitAtheistGod caring what foot I enter the bathroom with; Penalty for apostasy, especially for people born into islam who never chose to be Muslim; The incredible mood swings of God (you say one word at the right time and all is forgiven even if you killed millions or you burn for eternity just because you refused to believe without evidence)
lacesUKAtheistUnconvincing explanation for the truth of Islam; Entry into heaven based on belief not moral behaviour; poor women's rights
ladybirdNetherlandsAtheistScience; Too many rules; Racism
LassanUKAntitheistRealised extent of the horribleness of Islam; Inconsistencies and self-contradictions within Islam; God never answered my prayers
LaylahUKAtheistI don't believe in Islam: I don't believe in flying horse, I don't believe Muhammed is a perfect exampleStudied Salafi sunni Islam for 6 years
LissieUK Born as Catholic; converted to Islam; now apostate.
lotofkaminoCanadaAgnostic (6/7)Flawed "scientific miracles" in the Quran, and the obvious plagiarism from Greek sources; Sadistic god who would punish people just for not "believing" in his existence, despite being good people otherwise; The central figure of the religion being a delusional madman who may not even have existed.
MangoStarUSA Raised Southern Baptist. Converted when she was 17, apostatized when she was 18.
Maryam NamazieUKAtheist Head of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain
mchawkingUKAtheistPsuedoscience; Absurd practices with bad reasons to justify them; Lack of freedom in the religion
McGogglesUKDiscordian, Areaologist, PastafarianPunk rock and titsOriginally from Azad Kashmir
MeylisTurkmenistanSecular Humanist There is more than enough evidence that it is a fraud; It's clear to me, now, that Mo was a sexually obsessed pedophile warlord - no one else; Science makes sense.
Mia BellaCanada
MiaCanadaAtheistThe immoral characteristics of Allah and the prophets of Islam; Incompatibility with science and rationality; The violations of human rights
MikromegasUKSkeptical AgnosticAllah's cruel nature; The fallibility of Quran; Lack of rights for women in Islam; Truculent apologia (obvious); The incompatibility of science and religion (Gould's NOMA is interesting though); Bacon
minaUKAgnosticCould not believe religious fairy tales even as a child; The constant need to re-interpret of the Quran to make it palatable to me- till it just wasnt the Quran any more;The hate the quran spouts for anyone that disagrees with it.
MinimowNorwayAtheistIslam being an irrational, unscientific, inhumane, non-true (rather than untrue), misogynistic, annihilating, homophobic, violent, hateful, immoral, enslaving cultSomali by ethnicity
miss_mandyanaMalaysiaAgnosticCouldn't handle extremism in Islam
MohamedCanadaAgnosticLack of any real proof, ridiculousness of the existence of a hell
mohan--moUKAtheistCountless irrational beliefs; Lack of womens rights
mountainviewSudanAtheistFacts suggest Islam is man-made; Teachings of Islam are too unclear and contradictory; Islam is not a panacea to understanding the world, Muslims must inevitably pick and choose beliefs and morals.
msshamaEgypt Her story.
MuddyUSAtheistIslam is anti-gay; Contradictions within Qur'an; Islam is very anti women
mufa9aSaudi Arabia
mohannad_7LebanonAtheistIncompatible with science; Islam is not peaceful; No LGBT rights
mujahidUK Her introduction
mulhidmelayuGermanyAtheistScientific and historical errors in the Qur'an and Hadith; Inability to accept that good people will suffer an eternity of hell for not believing; Discrimination of homosexuals.Originally from Malaysia.
murtad_artistUKAtheist1) Islam is a political ideology made up by Mohammed to unite the rule of Arabs under him and his Hashimi family, it's a totalitarian cult. 2) Ridiculous shariah that makes life hell on an individual, marital and socio-political levels. 3) Muhammed contradicts his own laws; and the myth-filled-Quran makes sexist points for him in rather obvious and shameful ways.
Murtad MamaCanadaAtheist1) Islam is being coerced onto people making it unbelievable. 2) Could not believe in God. 3) The Muslim lifestyle is impossible for me
MuzammilSaudi ArabiaAtheistI don't believe in any kind of supernatural; Religion is too puerile to waste your life on; Religions are too bigoted and obdurate
muzziemuttUSAtheistGeneral maltreatment of women, specifically Ayesha; Mo was the farthest thing from the model human, contrary to muslim belief; If there really was an all knowing god then he would have known that the Qur'an (and many other religious texts) was not going to work well in modern times; he would have known slavery and other human rights violations weren't a good idea.
NaerysNorth-AfricaAtheistComing to the realization that Islam is merely a bad rip-off of other religions; Women's status in Islam; God's pettiness and irrational punishment
NavtheshockerUKAtheistQuestionable morality of quran and hadith
NeroKuwaitAgnosticScientific errors in the Qur'an; Historical errors; Shariah makes the lives of the individual rotten.
nedPakistanPanentheist "Strictly speaking, I'm a non-religious, neo-Vedantist, panentheistic mystic."
nessrriinnCanadaAtheist Famous for her poems on YouTube.
Nite OwllllUSAAtheist
No islamPakistanAtheist Islam is the most barbaric religion so far; All religions are man made and full of scientific errors; Ancient people used to come up with creation myths but nowadays science is explaining our origins.
noallahUKAtheist Pointless and too controlling
nothingthere Atheist
NoToPrejudiceUKAtheistI started seriously doubting as early as 8-13 years of age when I read Quran with Urdu / English translation. There was simply just too much nonsense in it, as I began to understand it.
Omaar KhayaamUKAtheistConcept of God and his attributes incoherent on their own and in combination. The poverty of theism and lack of explanatory scope. No real proof, just ad-hoc theological hand waving.Apostatized after struggling with doubts for many years.
omarinboxUKAtheist When still a Muslim, he was addressed in a "Letter To A Young Muslim" by Tariq Ali
ousseynou92SenegalAtheistI was sick of always being in conflict with my reason; Not having any proof but an old book of the 7th Century that pledge fire and eternal torture for the unbelievers; Letting that God order you how you should live your life, and how to beat your wife
paniss492SwitzerlandAtheistMy mother and grandmother always told me that Muhammad was a perfect man. In reading the Muslim texts, I discovered that it was the worst of the imperfects.
PariahUKAtheistI bow to no one
PepeCanadaAtheistStopped believing because I started questioning.
petalsHollandAgnostic Inhumanity in rulings (stoning, killing gays, apostates); Treatment of women; It's just not true, contradicted in many ways by science
pony starkPakistanAtheistStarted using my brain; Found religion criminal and an accessory to fraud,slavery,etc; Wanted peace and freedom. Memorised the Qur'an.
Prince SpinozaUKPantheistRealised he was God
ProsaicEgyptAtheist Came as a wavering Muslim to the forum
PsychologistUK Invited ex-Muslims to an interview for a psychological study at the University of Westminster
RadonCanadaAtheistViolation of human rights in Islam; Character of The "Prophet" Muhammad; Amount of stupid, unnecessary rules and restrictions in Islam
RaltivaMalaysiaAtheistHypocritical faith - how it criticizes science when it doesn't go along with them but immediately agrees and become prideful when it does; Existence of God, Heaven and Hell - how he would throw people into Hell for not believing him; Simply human rights - treatment of apostates, of people of different sexual/romantic preferences and even of females within the religion
razi3l-0MoroccoAtheistMohammed is responsible for many many crimes; The ridiculous contradictions Qur'an presents as "facts" and "miracles"; Sexism and misogyny
RDashUKAtheistIt's the most oppressive religion out there, and has wreaked havoc on mankind for generations and still continues to do so; Watched videos / read the works of Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, Bertrand Russell, Ali Sina etc; Science and common sense pretty much.
ReasonThe NetherlandsDeistThe Qur'an very clearly says that regardless of how many good deeds non-Muslims do, they will end up in an eternal Hell. Therefore Allah could not have been a "Merciful" God.
Reza MoradiUKAtheist
RIBS Atheist
Riley JohnsonAustraliaAtheistLack of individual freedom
Rubaiyat Atheist
RubayaBangladeshAtheistThe whole religion is flawed.
salim munqithSyriaAtheist
sAllah EldreamCanadaAtheist
Sam BrentUSAAnti-theistThe hypocrisy of religious people; The concept of Heaven and Hell; Pre-destination of people (see 2:6-7, 2:15)Palestinian
SamehUKAgnostic AtheistLack of evidence, eternal punishment, immoral teachings
Sara198USAgnosticImmoral teachings, especially hellTurkish by ethnicity
sbmuse Ex-Convert; was/is friends with Hamza Yusuf, Nuh Ha Mim Keller, Suhaib Webb...
selltek AtheistIslam is was influenced by the Abrahamic and Pagan religions and Muslims worship idols; Koran, black stone, Mohamed.Moroccan
SerendipityUKAtheistIncompatibility with evolution; concept of hell.
serrated_colonUKAtheistGod's existence isn't a definitive fact, therefore I cannot believe in Islam as it treats Allah's existence as a factAgnostic atheist
severianSwedenAtheistAccepted evolution theory first (had problems fitting at all together), but morality of hell was the final lid.
Shahid RazaUKDeist
Shahzad Panentheist
ShatteredPakistanAtheist Contridicts and discourages science; Immoral "death for apostasy" "against gay,women and equal rights"
SolaraUSAAtheistAllah is barbaric an unjust; the Qur'an contradicts itself and Science; Lack of evidence for the claims made in Islam
Spazzing PantheistThe Quran is just a copy and paste of other past religious books and a bunch of made up fairy tales; Mohammed was not a good role model,he was obsessed with sex and made up reasons to indulge in more sexual activities; Allah is not god,God will never enjoy punishing people in hell.God is supposed to love everyone including sinners and disbelievers.Hell doesn't exist.
spiral diveUKAtheist
stardust Atheist
Starnexus Atheist
STARSWUKChristian Too many contradictions in religious text and fights between Muslims Ex-convert
sukiUK Discovered later on that Islam was a giant mens clubEx-convert
sultantipuzUKAtheistSelf contradiction in Islam; I saw and personally experienced how mullahs behave and act; Discrimination is Islam in terms of woman, non-believers, and LGBT community.
T_SamiUKDeist Ex-convert
Techno-ScienceSaudi ArabiaAtheistThere is no reason to believe in fairy tales and leave the scientific solid evidence about everything in our life.Former Muslim convert for 17 years
TheDarkRebelCanadaAtheistIslam's creationist claims were false, the supposed scientific miracles were lies made up by muslim apologists and that Islam is no different than all other man made religions due to it's lack of scientific evidence.
TheMostMercifulTyrantCanadaAgnosticParadise and Hell (they're both disgusting and evil to the core); Producing a Sura like it (I found this challenge to be absurd and subjective)
thornsvaldUSAIrreligious AtheistBetter yet lets go for why I believed in Islam to begin with: Because my parents brainwashed me into that baloney.
UmarAustraliaAtheistIslam is no different than other religions which claim to be true; Psychological Condition of Muhammad, Non-diagnosed Schizophrenia, or other Mental health problem/s; Human traits in Quran, e.g anger for outsiders/non believers.
Urahara KissukOmanHumanist
whatabastorSaudi Arabia
YemeniYemenAgnosticPhysics textbooks more impressive than Qur'an; Allah is a Sadist
YumiPUAEAtheistI realised that the quraan is all lies made by Mohammed; No women rights in Islam. The veil doesn't equal good manners; Also, I had a lot of questions in my mind since I was 14.
YuppyAustraliaAtheistThe problem of free will and an omniscient God; The problem with being punished for not believing despite belief being a result of how convinced a person is of evidence given; Evolution makes more sense to me than all species arising from the flick of a wand from an invisible man in the sky.
z10CanadaAtheist Was raised in a British Pakistani home with Muslim values
ZiaZUKHumanist Amongst many others the fact that the Quran is so obviously the work of Arabs living 1400 years ago.
ZuberNew ZealandAtheist
zuberahmedIndiaAtheistIt's full of violence; The Quran is full of errors; I got the final push by reading 'The God Delusion' and also lots of articles in talkorigins
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