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 Topic: I Keel You!!!!

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  • I Keel You!!!!
     Reply #180 - April 15, 2016, 04:53 PM

    I've never had threats of violence from Muslims but I had plenty of losing my children, both from Muslims (in Muslim country) and from non Muslim online  trolls if I don't do as they please. Sad, because I came back to be able to live in freedom but this dream has only become partial reality.
    When I still lived in a Muslim country there was a lot of racism tho that I had to deal with, people said it behind my back and thought that I couldn't understand the language, here in the West it's mostly reactions like how could she be so dumb to become Muslim in The first place, mostly from people who have never left their country except to go on a holiday for a couple of weeks. They don't understand even when I explain to them that I was initially coerced into it because they are uncomfortable with a very different culture from their own.
    Strangely enough the most understanding people are the Muslims I know in the West, even tho they know that I don't believe any more.

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