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 Topic: The Official Crappy Amateur Videography Thread

 (Read 1914 times)
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  • The Official Crappy Amateur Videography Thread
     OP - December 19, 2015, 10:26 PM

    This is not an attempt to rip off os's Amateur Photography thread, honest.

    OK, you got me. It blatantly is.

    So - do you make videos, or do you find yourself wanting to? Do you use your smartphone, a GoPro, or a point and shoot camera to take the odd clip or more, and - to your amazement, some of it looks pretty awesome? Do you make videos to put on Youtube or elsewhere? This thread is for you. Share!

    Also, making good looking video with minimal gear and editing software is no mean skill - any tips that might help the rest of us suck less at making video are especially welcome.
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