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 Topic: Thanking Emerald

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  • Thanking Emerald
     OP - April 29, 2009, 06:32 PM

    Hello All,
                      AS you must have witnessed my debate with BMZ here I would like to specially thank Emerald here for his great co operation and helping me in arabic against BMZ.I hope Emerald comes here and accepts my thanks .

    Having said this some of the COEM members doubted Emerald and wanted to favour BMZ .So here is another native speaker named Debunker( a muslim) a resident of FFI  responded to my questions.So now its 3 native arabic speakers(Ahmed,Debunker, Emerald) against BMZ .Anyone can see how he tries to create a smoke screen so as to confuse the readers. Here is my conversation with him:

    Hello Sky,

    Quote from: Debunker
    Quote from: Skynightblaze
    What does Kursi in arabic mean?

    It means chair and only chair.

    Quote from: Debunker
    Quote from: Skynightblaze
    Can it anytime mean power,dominance,control etc etc?


    Quote from: Debunker
    Quote from: Skynightblaze
       Emerald gave me the link to arabic dictionary which says that Kursi always means chair and nothing else. BMZ countered that by asking Emerald to translate a sentence "Emerald is from the people of chair". He was asking how a kursi  here can  mean a chair? My question is IF arabic allows Kursi to be interpreted as only chair(As per arabic dictionaries) then how can such a sentence be possible in arabic?

    EXACTLY! His fucking sentence makes absolutely no sense! I never heard it my entire life! In Arabic, we have an expression like this: "He is one of the people of the Royal court". Meaning: This guy has some influence with the King.

    But BMZ stupid expression does NOT EXIST in Arabic!

    Quote from: Debunker
    Quote from: Skynightblaze
       Such sentence should not exist. right? IS there a chance for such sentence to exist even in classical arabic?

    No fucking way!!!!

    And Finally i would also like to thank Debunker for giving his honest opinion.

    HEre is his profile.
  • Re: Thanking Emerald
     Reply #1 - April 30, 2009, 01:52 AM

    No problem SNB, you did a good job.


    I enjoyed everything about that debate... Smiley

    "I'm Agnostic about God."

    Richard Dawkins
    "If there is a God, it has to be a man; no woman could or would ever fuck things up like this."
     George Carlin == "...The so-called moderates are actually the public relations arm of Al-Qaeda and the Islamic Republic of Iran."  Maryam Namazie
  • Re: Thanking Emerald
     Reply #2 - April 30, 2009, 07:22 AM

    No problem SNB, you did a good job.


    I enjoyed everything about that debate... Smiley

    Thanks mate.         thnkyu
    I expected submissive Bob to come here and defend BMZ. He should by now have realized that defending him  based on emotions is very easy but its a nightmare if you try defending him using arguments.
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