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 Topic: Missing content in Archives.

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  • Missing content in Archives.
     OP - January 06, 2009, 02:22 AM

    Some people have pointed out that content has been dropped from some threads over at the Archives. The good news is that I think I have found the problem and can fix it. All the content is actually still in the database backup but an invalid file name in the attachments table (which is near the start) was throwing out the syntax for the rest of the database (wot come later eh). This makes funny peculiar things happen.   

    I'll sort a full restoration towards the end of the month at the same time as I do a software upgrade. If anyone desperately needs missing content before then I can arrange to extract it but would prefer it if I didn't have to.

    Cheers.  Afro

    Devious, treacherous, murderous, neanderthal, sub-human of the West. bunny
  • Re: Missing content in Archives.
     Reply #1 - January 07, 2009, 09:52 PM

    Meh. Turns out there were a stack more syntax errors further on in the file. Easy, if exceedingly tedious, to fix though. I expect full restoration of content will not present much of a problem.

    One thing that will happen though is that all stored pm messages will be deleted when I merge the databases. This is not necessary but I intend to do it deliberately.

    The reason is that there are over 10,000 stored pm's and I'm quite sure people don't ever read them. They just let them stack up and ignore the old ones. If there is any content in your pm folders that you specifically wish to retain please export it to your desktop before the database merger goes ahead. You will be warned in advance of when this will be happening. 

    Oh and a warning for anyone who posts on other forums: do not assume your personal messages are confidential. If you don't trust the admins do not store anything you don't want them reading in your pm folders.

    The reason is that all data is in the database file, including stored pm's. What is more the content is stored in ordinary text form within the sql placeholders. As an example here's one of mine that I sent to Burbles:

    (11944, 5, 1, 'osmanthus', 1223593307, 'Re: (No subject)', 'I've taken Ratty back to mod and upgraded Cheetah for a trial run. Afro '),

    As you can see though the content is clearly accessible. Any admin with access to a database backup and a basic file editing program can read anything in there. Just though you might like to know if the possibility of this happening on any site concerns you.

    No, I haven't been going through people's pm's because I'm not interested in restoring that content anyway. I have enough to fix already. I'll be deleting the lot when I merge the databases, primarily so that I do not have to fix all the syntax errors in stored pm's. Fixing the damned things in all our post content is more than enough work thank you.

    Devious, treacherous, murderous, neanderthal, sub-human of the West. bunny
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