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     OP - December 07, 2021, 08:25 PM

    In this video, Muslim apologist say the Koran ''predicted'' the 11 September terrorist attacks.

    I think rational people must deconstruct foolishness of ''numerical miracles'' of the Koran.

    Although it is a particularly difficult task since the stupidity of the alleged numerical miracles is that it is based on arbitrary data linked to arbitrary data. That is, they depend on linking real facts to subjective, arbitrary data, which depend on the reader's position.

    With the ''numerical miracles of the Koran'' the apologists of Islam have achieved the stupidest version of the human being and the most absurd reductive of human imagination.

    But let's look at this ''miracle'' of September 11, 2001.

    The apologist says:

    3 Buildings collapsed in New York during 9/11 attacks, word building is mentioned 3 times in these 2 verses

    It is true that the word ''building'' it's mentioned 3 times in the verses 109-110 of the Surah 9.

    In fact, the word ''building'' in Arabic is bun'yān (بُنْيَٰن), and it's occurs 7 times in the Koran.

    It would indeed be a rare occurrence for this word to occur three times and only in Sura 9, but, as I have just written, it occurs 7 times throughout the Qur'an:

    It would also be really strange if the Koran told us about a building falling only in Sura 9, but that does not happen only in that Sura; but in Sura 16, verse 26, the Koran tells us that God attacked the foundations of a building and the roof fell from it.

    But, of course, apologists will always have a way to twist things in their twisted mind.
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