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 Topic: Prevent review

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  • Prevent review
     OP - March 18, 2021, 07:32 PM

    islamic activists break their covid silence.

    Quote from:
    A coalition of more than 450 Islamic organisations, including 350 mosques and imams, representing thousands of British Muslim voices, are to boycott the government’s review of the anti-radicalisation programme Prevent in protest against the appointment of William Shawcross as its chair, the Guardian can reveal.

    ... The statement says: “William Shawcross has a track record of hostility to Islam and Muslims. No serious, objective, critical review can be undertaken by someone with such a track record – rather we should expect him to promote a hardening of policies towards Muslims. So, if Muslim organisations engage with this review, it strengthens its legitimacy and its power to recommend policies more harmful to the community.”

  • Prevent review
     Reply #1 - March 18, 2021, 07:35 PM

    wikipedia entry confirms a typical dinosaur who won't be able to offer new ideas.

    Quote from:
    Shawcross justified torture such as waterboarding at Guantánamo Bay.[19]

    In 2006, Shawcross warned of “a vast fifth column” of Muslims in Europe who “wish to destroy us”; we should not shy away from labelling the problem “Islamic fascism”.[20]

    In 2010, Shawcross described “Britain’s humiliation” by “mass immigration” and multiculturalism.[21]
  • Prevent review
     Reply #2 - March 18, 2021, 07:56 PM

    muslims as a distraction to moves against political activism of all colours.
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