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 Topic: A teenage Pure Muslim kills Ahmadi Muslim doctor over religious differencesi

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  • A teenage Pure Muslim kills Ahmadi Muslim doctor over religious differencesi
     OP - November 23, 2020, 09:33 AM

    A doctor belonging to the Ahmadi community was shot dead while his father and two uncles were injured when a teenage boy opened fire on them in their home in Punjab's Nankana Sahib district on Friday.

    Police said the Ahmadi family were offering prayers on Friday afternoon at their house in Murh Balochan area of Nankana when they heard a knock on the door.
     One of the family members, Dr Tahir Mahmood, 31, went to open the door where a teenage boy carrying a pistol opened fire on him.

    According to police, the victim suffered bullet wounds and fell on the ground, while his family members rushed to the door on hearing the gunshots. Police officials said the suspect also opened fire on them and injured Dr Mahmood’s father, Tariq, and uncles Saeed and Tayyab. Residents of the area subsequently nabbed the attacker.
    Saddar Sanghla Station House Officer (SHO) Muhammad Shamshair told Dawn that the suspect was armed with a pistol and had knocked the Ahmadi family's door to attack them.

    He said the suspect was taken into custody who "confessed to having attacked the family over religious differences".

    Saleemuddin, the Ahmadi community's spokesperson, confirmed that the incident took place when the members of the family were gathered for prayers inside their home

    And here that 30 year old  Doctor who was killed  by a brain washed young Islamic hero just because  Dr Tahir Ahmed was Ahmadi Muslim and reciting Islamic prayer  in his own home...

    Fatal attack on a house of Ahmadi in  Murh Balochan, district Nankana Sahib. An Ahmadi Dr Tahir Ahmed age 31 died as a result while his father is in critical condition fighting for his life. Two other members of the same family who gathered for prayer are injured.

    well that is the news from land of pure...

    who was that young Islamic hero who goes to Ahmadi Muslim  family home and fires at people and kills them in their home??   

    And who brain washed that young man to kill the Ahmadiyya Muslims .. just because they are Ahmadiyya Muslims.??

    well we all know who did that and also no one knows..   or allah knows the best

    Do not let silence become your legacy.. Question everything   
    I renounced my faith to become a kafir, 
    the beloved betrayed me and turned in to  a Muslim
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