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 Topic: Another Blasphemy murder...........61-Year-Old Ahmedi In Peshawar shot dead

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  • Another Blasphemy murder...........61-Year-Old Ahmedi In Peshawar shot dead
     OP - August 22, 2020, 06:27 PM

    Another 61-Year-Old Ahmedi Gunned Down In Peshawar Over Allegations Of Blasphemy   says news

    A 61-year-old man belonging to the Ahmadiyya Jamaat was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, on Wednesday night. Dabgri police station has registered a case of murder over the complaint of the deceased Meraj Ahmed’s son.

    According to him, Meraj Ahmed had been suffering for some time. There was an ongoing campaign against him on social media over blasphemy allegations and the employees working in his shop had also recently refused to work with him.

    According to Meraj Ahmed’s son, he was returning home after closing his medical store in Dabgri Garden when he was informed that his father had been shot dead by unknown persons. The deceased’s son further added that when he reached the hospital, the body of his father, sucummbed to gunfire injuries, was lying there.

    The FIR filed by Meraj Ahmed’s son states that his father had no enmity with anyone.
    “I don’t know who killed my father and he was not a famous man,” he told BBC. “He had never spoken harshly to anyone in his entire life.” He further mentioned that earlier, his father used to work in the medical store himself, but due to his old-age, it was not possible for him to work now; due to which he no longer used to work in the medical store himself.

    “Hopefully, the police will investigate this case on merit.”

    A press release issued by the Ahmadiyya Jamaat said that Meraj Ahmed was buried in Rabwah and left a widow, three sons and a daughter in Sogoran.

    According to the party spokesperson, state institutions have failed to curb the spread of hatred against Ahmadis, which has increased the risks to Ahmadis’ lives and property. SSP Peshawar Mansoor Aman, in a statement said that Peshawar police have launched a high-level investigation after the incident and evidence has been collected from the scene.

    According to Peshawar police, police have questioned several people since the incident and some suspects have also been arrested.  During the last few months, the has been an alarming rise in killings of minorites in the region. The situtaion even gets worse when a murderer is hailed as a hero.

     well that is the news..  Land of pure  is becoming  land of Murderers in the name of Alllah..  Last week inside the court .. this one on the road all in the of blasphemy accusations


    Do not let silence become your legacy.. Question everything   
    I renounced my faith to become a kafir, 
    the beloved betrayed me and turned in to  a Muslim
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