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 Topic: Join Liberty, the Ex-Muslim Discord Server for Women only.

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  • Join Liberty, the Ex-Muslim Discord Server for Women only.
     OP - July 12, 2020, 09:14 AM

    Liberty is a Discord server for Ex-Muslim women, it is a recovery and safe space for Ex-Muslim women and women in general to connect and converse with.
    Liberty currently has more than 100+ members and is still growing.

    This server is a women only space meaning Muslim women and women who were Never Muslim are welcome to join too.
    There are many private rooms for Ex-Muslims to share content and begin discussions. In order for Ex-Muslims to feel comfortable and safe to communicate with each other, Muslims and Never-Muslims only have access to public rooms.
    Liberty also provides roles to distinguish between Ex-Muslims, Muslims, and Never-Muslims.
    We ensure the safety and security of the server members through a strict verification process.

    So, if you're interested then you're welcome to join Liberty!
    Below is the Invite Link:
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