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 Topic: Hi there

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  • Hi there
     OP - June 27, 2020, 11:41 PM


    Glad to be here. In my early days as an Ex-muslim, I found CEM as a breathing place. A place where I found out that there are people who were also struggling. It helped me realise that there is still rationality in the world, there is still hope during the darkest times of my life. It made me realise I am in the wrong place, I took steps to leave my muslim country to a much more free place. Different struggles though, struggles to discover my newly aquired freedom. I am glad to be here.

    Back when I was a little kid, my best friend was Christian. We had religion classes (very typical). Incredibly borning and I am happy that I can't remember much from these classes. Except one moment, when my teacher said:
    "Heaven is a beautiful place, rivers of honey, fruits everywhere, beauty and vast riches"
    I paid focus to what he was saying, thinking how fish would swim in honey.
    "Heavens are only for muslims though"
    Raised my hands and asked
    "Teacher, what about a very bad person who is Muslim?"
    Teacher says "In this case, they would go to hell to get their punishment for all their sins then go to heavens"
    I asked back
    "What about someone who is Christian? A good person who is Christian?"
    Teacher said "No, only Muslims"

    I hated that teacher. I asked my parents once I was home, well educated folks, they confirmed the theory of the teacher. I remember that feeling, "Why everyone is so wrong? It can't be only me that think they are all wrong. ". That feeling stayed for a long time until I left. I left the religion then left the country.

    I think CEM has helped me overcome that feeling, as it does for a lot of people. You are not wrong and everything will be okay, just hang in there. The world is unfair but you will do it, you will be free.

    Glad to be here.
  • Hi there
     Reply #1 - June 28, 2020, 10:25 AM

    are you more comforted by believing no-one gets to heaven?
  • Hi there
     Reply #2 - July 24, 2020, 07:14 PM

    Very interesting story. So exciting. The post above me I do not understand. Sounds irrational and misunderstanding. I hope you will find your friends and your belief and your luck holyness and freedom in your new home.
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