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 Topic: New Britain

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  • New Britain
     Reply #150 - December 17, 2022, 02:01 PM

    No one wants to deal with the gutter Islam of London or Bradistan. They want to be laissez faire about that kind of Islam. If we just hug enough hijabi women and give them space in The Guardian then maybe the nastier Muslims in the country won't be so mean and therefore will come to share our love and tolerance. Well that seems to be their thinking.

    Well, good luck to them as they sideline Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Dawkins and heck, secular Muslims themselves who warn people like these:

    But these are 'moderates' it seems after the wave of allahu Akhbar boom booms across Western Europe in the past decade. You can say you support capital punishment for apostasy and you're proud of that (Ali Dawah) but if you denounce ISIS, such a high bar, you can get on podcasts. Yeah...

    As for the London 'leftists', they'd rather deal with some old fat guy with orange hair called Trump, who isn't even part of their country and congratulate themselves for their hatred of bigotry whilst turning a blind eye to the Islamic fascists in their own back yard.
  • New Britain
     Reply #151 - December 21, 2022, 01:43 PM

    On the recent clashes in Leicester:

    ...But Rob Nixon, the now chief constable of Leicestershire Police, has since said that tensions between certain sections of Leicester’s Hindu and Muslim communities had been ‘simmering’ for a while. Nixon has said that tensions between India and Pakistan over the disputed Kashmir region has provided one source of antagonism between Hindus of Indian heritage and Muslims of Pakistani heritage. Nixon has also pointed to a growing distance between both communities’ traditional religious leaders and the younger generations, leaving a vacuum that has been filled by social-media ‘personalities’ who peddle an ultra-religious identity politics.
  • New Britain
     Reply #152 - December 21, 2022, 02:38 PM

     Ward_End  .. why we need to read all this gibberish ??

     Rob Nixon, ...........chief constable ...................Leicestershire Police, .....Hindu .......... Muslim ....Kashmir...India.......Pakistan.. Bangladesh..Afghanistan.. etc,,, etc..


    London Needs Imran Khan as PM and Off course we have King on the pound

    Naughty boys... naughty boys  that is what the country needs as heads of state,,

    Do not let silence become your legacy.. Question everything   
    I renounced my faith to become a kafir, 
    the beloved betrayed me and turned in to  a Muslim
  • New Britain
     Reply #153 - December 24, 2022, 08:13 PM

    Naughty boys... naughty boys  that is what the country needs as heads of state,,

    Perhaps not. No more than I think this fairly common sentiment of 'anti-colonialism' is acceptable

    The UK colonized most of the world and nobody said a thing about it but when immigrants from countries that the UK destroyed and Tore down go to the UK people get mad at them hypocrisy at it's finest You get a taste of your own medicine

    Monarchies but also creating countries out of religion is something I'm against. But I'll make one exception just because I think it would be funny. I'll take Imran Khan and make him king or emir of Bradford. He's already got some honourary chancellorship or something, he deserves a promotion. He spent years fellating the British upper class so why not Smiley
  • New Britain
     Reply #154 - December 24, 2022, 10:37 PM

    That time again:
  • New Britain
     Reply #155 - April 07, 2023, 05:55 PM

    racist dog whistle from team keir.

    risk losing the pakistani grooming gang vote bank by lumping them in with upwardly mobile indians.
  • New Britain
     Reply #156 - April 07, 2023, 07:41 PM

    a decade and brexit later, the time is ripe for this nonsense politics.

    But Blue Labour figures also argue that the working class is fundamentally conservative. This is where the problems begin. They argue that for a fundamentally conservative working class an ethics of community and solidarity implies a defence of traditional institutions and identities such as the family, patriotism and the nation, faith and the work ethic. The Blue Labour approach is often summarised with the slogan; ‘faith, family and flag’. They also argue – and this is where it gets ugly – that defence of traditional working class community values and identities specifically implies by definition a defence of British ‘white working class’ traditions and identities. They argue that ‘mass immigration’ and ‘multiculturalism’ has been hugely destructive in terms of community cohesion and so must be resisted.

    This, I think, is a very dangerous message – and it’s very troubling that this sort of thinking is, apparently, so influential within the party at the moment. We could, quite legitimately it seems to me, reword the Blue Labour slogan as ‘faith, family and dog-whistle politics’.

    far right movements are pretty dead in the water but never fear, keir is here! creating a lightning rod for all the nutcases who were happily living in their own social media bubbles until now.

    Let’s be clear what Blue Labour are saying. They are claiming that the working class is somehow naturally and inevitably anti-immigration and pre-disposed towards far-right views. This is what they are seeking to accommodate. Their way of fighting the BNP and the EDL is not to take their views head on and to argue the case for leftist, anti-fascist and anti-racist ideas. It’s not to stand up for and to defend immigrant and ethnic minority communities. It’s to make major concessions to racist prejudice and suspicion. This is a real betrayal of labour movement traditions - for all Blue Labour’s talk of being true to fundamental labour movement values. It’s very dangerous. Even as a miserable strategy of seeking to undercut support for the BNP and the EDL by dressing up in some of their clothes it’s one that won’t succeed. It will only help to further legitimise the views of organisations such as the EDL and it risks creating the political conditions in which far-right groups enter into the political mainstream. If ideas associated with the far right are brought into mainstream political discourse and articulated by mainstream political parties, what’s to stop far right groups themselves capitalising on this?
  • New Britain
     Reply #157 - April 08, 2023, 05:09 PM

    A whole hoopla over nothing if you ask me about the Labour/Sunak posters. Gutter politics maybe but I don't see anything racist behind them. This just looks like the Corbynites revenge over the questions raised about antisemitism when their dear leader was in charge of the party, so now of course Starmer is 'far right'.

    And if people dislike the far right as they claim, maybe stop giving them fuel by denying the cultural and religious factors behind how Pakistanis were disproportionately represented in group based CSE and the racist nature behind several high profile cases. But of course racism runs only one way in the minds of the Corbynite left. Abandon any consistent secular politics and this is what you get. Easier to sneer at dumb religious Americans thousands of miles away then deal with Islamic theocrats at home. Also, this pseudo liberal/multicultural left seemed chuffed to point out not all grooming gangs where white when the white Wolverhampton/Walsall gang were convicted this week. See? Not AAAAALL child groomers as Pakistanis! As if anyone with a brain ever made the claim that they were. Also worth reminding these morons Pakistanis only make up around 2% of the population...
  • New Britain
     Reply #158 - May 06, 2023, 06:52 AM

    far-right voters have switched to the tories and labour.
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