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 Topic: We must resist ShenYun together

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  • We must resist ShenYun together
     OP - March 17, 2020, 01:21 AM

    Hello everyone, I am an ordinary citizen of Seattle. Due to  Covid-19 virus, Seattle was recently called Wuhan in the US. I want to appeal to everyone to boycott Shen Yun together. They will be performing here on March 27. They have performed all over the world and just returned from places like Japan and South Korea with severe outbreaks. Their performance in Australia did not even provide hand sanitizers. If one audience had a virus, all audiences were in danger. And it is said that some actors have been infected. I have reported to the Seattle health office, but the official didn’t pay much attention, which makes me very anxious. So I would like to call on everyone and government departments to pay enough attention to this. Protect our cities and our families from the threat of viruses.
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