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 Topic: Apostasy Alternative

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  • Apostasy Alternative
     OP - March 22, 2020, 10:17 AM

    I get the feeling you have to be a driven kind of person to chose apostasy. Or be driven to it by circumstance. But shouldn't there be an alternative for lazy bums and uncommitted types? Yes, I think so.

    The simple answer is to ignore religion without making a fuss about it. No dramatic confession or distasteful declaration required. Just live your life and don't worry about other people's ideology. It also means not talking about your own ideology. If you're properly lazy then you shouldn't have one!

    Now, this only works if you have a relatively boring but comfortable lifestyle. The good news for adults is you can have your cake and eat it. Scared that friends and family will disown you for not towing the line? Don't worry, they'll probably get over it. Worst case scenario is they send you to coventry. Better then them damning you to hell.

    As the goal is to avoid hassle, the key is to ignore rather than confront religious people. It's tempting to argue with their silly beliefs but don't do it. You want to wear them down with stubborness until they write you off as a black sheep - not a sacrificial lamb.

    You'll need a thick skin against backbiting and have no illusions about reforming/saving people by your example. A lazy kind of contentment can be achieved this way. And isn't that more than enough? If the answer is no then your road will be stressful and potentially unfulfilling. So good luck with that!

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