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 Topic: Algerian candidate plays arabic card

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  • Algerian candidate plays arabic card
     OP - October 23, 2019, 06:48 PM

    god forbid that anyone campaigns on something sensible instead of inventing redundant pillars.

    Quote from:
    A controversial Algerian journalist and presidential hopeful sparked outrage after suggesting he would add an extra sixth pillar to Islam if he wins the upcoming elections.

    Oussama Wahid, said he would add the Arabic language as the sixth pillar of the faith, slamming those who do not speak the language as “unacceptable”.

    ... “If you do not pray using Arabic, your prayers are not accepted. If you go to Hajj without taking part in Arabic chants, it is not accepted. If you recite the proclamation of Islam in Arabia, it is not accepted. Therefore, the Arabic language should be the sixth pillar of Islam,” Wahid says.

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