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 Topic: Excellence and uniqueness

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  • Excellence and uniqueness
     Reply #90 - April 14, 2020, 08:41 PM

    The revelation lasted 23 years.

    Why were the Qur'anic verses not revealed all at once, but revealed in stages?

    Why was the Qur'an not sent immediately as a complete book, but was it sent gradually over time?


    Allah (swt) revealed the verses of the Qur'an gradually in proportion to the events and benefits, needs and situations of the people.

    For example, alcoholic beverages were banned in four stages. Because alcohol has taken a very important place in the social life of the society in which the Koran was first revealed. Through the progressive ban, it has become easier for people to embrace change and abandon their lifestyle; their bad habits and addictions to which they were strongly attached with their customs for many years, perhaps centuries.

    Another wisdom of progressive revelation was to place the verses in the memory of the Blessed Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the strongest and strongest way, so that He would transmit the verses to the people most authentically and correctly; as He always has.

    What I Learned by Converting from Christianity to Islam | Zan Christ | TEDxHamlineUniversity
  • Excellence and uniqueness
     Reply #91 - April 14, 2020, 08:51 PM

    God honors us by giving us free will, this ability to make our own decisions. Regarding the coronavirus, you may wish that it was finally the definitive eradication of the human race from planet earth, or on the contrary fight to remove all the pain that makes humanity suffer. It is only at this level that free will is placed, if not, it will be done only what God predestined by his presence and his omniscience. Both in the Qur'an and the Bible, God encourages us to choose life by listening to his word, that is, by choosing to obey his commandments.

    but we decide to a large extent what our future will be, that is free will. Thereafter what will happen will happen. Islam recognizes in the human being a creature able to understand the content of the revealed truth, and to welcome it according to its own will. Moreover, during its creation no human being was neither warned nor previously consulted. God having therefore been alone during the creation decision by the supreme effect of Love. We didn't choose where we were going to be born. Overriding our burden, would lead us to a lack of convenience towards the Divinity
    This is God’s test for people
    Q&A: Why Does God Test Us Despite Knowing Our Destiny ...
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