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 Topic: Ukip boss: No moderation in islam

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  • Ukip boss: No moderation in islam
     OP - August 24, 2019, 06:41 PM

    new ukip leader on muslims:

    Quote from:
    “The nonsense of the moderate Muslim is trotted out repeatedly by so many people with good intentions, but wilful ignorance of Islamic teaching. There is no moderate Islam. Get used to it. It’s a fact. When people talk about moderate Muslims they are making an error. It is like saying Hitler wasn’t such a bad fellow, quite a laugh actually, an entertaining speaker, a patron of the arts – he loved Wagner – he made the trains run on time, and just look at his smart uniforms. It is to ignore completely the ideology to which the person is religiously wedded.”

    Comparisons to nazis and quoting quranic verses lack the mass appeal of letter box jokes. A light touch is necessary to flatter the casual islamophobe and win their vote in britain.
  • Ukip boss: No moderation in islam
     Reply #1 - August 24, 2019, 06:44 PM

    forgot the link so here's a bonus quote:

    Quote from:
    Braine disputed the accusation that his comments were whipping up hatred against Muslims and took issue with the allegation that he was Islamophobic on the grounds that it was not irrational to have a problem with Islamic scripture.

    He said: “It was part of a discussion about the fact there are many immoderate verses in Islamic scripture. It was about the immoderate verses that essentially cannot be denied by moderate Muslims. In Islam in its proper scriptural sense you are not free to deny verses like say Surah 47 verse 4. It is not moderate and it does promote the slaughter of the infidel.”
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