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 Topic: Ex-muslim From Jordan/Middle East who need argent help

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  • Ex-muslim From Jordan/Middle East who need argent help
     OP - October 03, 2018, 12:03 PM

    Greetings everyone, My  name is Yaser Al-tarawneh and I'm a 26 years old civil engineer UK graduate, I graduated from the UK back at 2016 and work at the capital Amman in real estate property development and contracting with the family business, however , I lived at the UK for 6 years, and during this journey I have changed totally as a human being and met so many people from all kind of cultures and religion, That opened my eyes to research more about religion and Islam especially, hence I stopped believing and lost my faith at this religion!

     I have been living as an Ex-muslim for years now, however back at 2014 I started having tattoos at my upper back shoulder and arms, hence you can spot my tattoos from a mile!

    living as an Ex-Muslim here in Jordan 2 years now is terrific, I feel like I'm dead, since I can't open up about my thoughts and speak up or I will get killed!

    I did get death threats from family members since I do come from the 2nd biggest family in Jordan, and I don't feel safe living here since there has been cases of killing Ex-muslims or atheist here in Jordan.

    However, A friend of mine told me that I can seek asylum to the UK for this reason, and I have been thinking about for months now and I do consider it, but I need help and guidance?

    Thank you for reading my post and if you can help me please reply back with the right content

    Kind regards
    Eng. Yaser AL-Tarawneh
  • Ex-muslim From Jordan/Middle East who need argent help
     Reply #1 - October 06, 2018, 03:11 PM

    Welcome!  parrot
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