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 Topic: Sabreen Syeed ....New Sintist in Isam

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  • Sabreen Syeed ....New Sintist in Isam
     OP - April 03, 2018, 12:13 PM

     Sabreen Syeed  ....New Sintist  in Islam


    The Observer effect of Quantum Mechanics happens when observation or measurement changes the nature of a Quantum particle, from a probability wave which is an unreal thing to a real thing. This is by far one of the biggest controversy and achievement of the Modern world. Controversy for atheism that has pervaded our scientific circles and achievement for theistic traditions especially Islam. Why do I say Islam? Because the Observer effect of Quantum Physics was already predicted by the Quran a millennium and a half ago..

    The most important point to understand by any serious student of science is that the Observer Effect is not just an anomaly or a counter intuitive mishap that just happened in one experiment. The Observer Effect is an meta phenomenon. It presides over all processes, equally valid to all pure state quantum events. It is a fundamental quality of the Quantum world that makes up everything in the universe, that it is sensitive to conscious observation. This is not just an accident, rather a basic mechanism of how the universe functions at its fundamental level. So whenever we hear the phrase “a pure Quantum event”, we must know with surety that conscious observation will affect it.
    We say conscious observation because firstly there is no way of separating the conscious human being from the measuring apparatus. The measuring apparatus will always be operated at some level or the other by a conscious being on the other side.

    And secondly the only thing that is different in this entire set up of the observing apparatus and the object that is observed is the ‘consciousness of the human being, rest everything is made up of the same quantum particles that exhibit the same quantum weirdness.

     Thirdly other experiments like the Delayed choice Quantum Eraser exp, the Quantum Zeno and anti zeno effect make the case stronger for Conscious observation.

    The 2nd point to understand is that the quantum world is not only affected by our observation. The Quantum world does not have any physical existence, it does not exist in our 3d universe. It is our conscious observation that makes it a real - something that occupies space, has properties. Until then it is just a wave of probabilities. Not a wave of energy or matter. A mathematical wave or a collection of all the possibilities that the particle has. And when we observe it, its takes up one or the other of its possibilities. So if the universe at its core has no physical reality and it is our conscious observation that makes it real, then what is the necessary conclusion we are left with? It is that conscious observation or consciousness is the most fundamental thing to the universe. It’s not matter, not space or time, all are emergent.

    When we have completely absorbed these two points that the quantum world is an unsettled collection of possibilities and it is our conscious observation that gives it reality. Then we very well know that there are quantum events going on in the universe at each and every fraction of a second. We occupy a very insignificant portion of a vast expanding universe. We have to understand that when we look around the world, we see real 3dimensional physical stuff, we don’t see any fuzzy wave of probability. From the deep recesses of the planet- ocean beds, uninhabited forests, islands. Think about the solar system, the Milky way…The cores of stars where all the elements that we are made up of are manufactured-Carbon,oxygen,Calcium,Iron, violent explosions of stars or Supernovae that produce all the heavy elements we see around us, around the horizons of Black holes, in the cells of plants, in the eyes of birds, in the fertilization of an embryo, in the germination of seeds, in the growth of a human being, inside the brains of living beings, in the evolutionary process at the birth of the Universe, etc etc

    Look  at that STUPID lady  How  she turns "Quantum Mechanics  to Quran/allah god mechanics "     ...  yes....yes.........yes.....her allahgod is  sitting  INSIDE AN ATOM on  a throne with the size of Planck's length  at the interface  between  Electrons  and  that Atomic nucleus which has  Protons and  neutrons

    Such  fools  fool  and brain wash  Muslim kids    with their STUPID VIDEOS.,, those kids    who are initially interested in science and technology  will turn  into religious maniacs/religious zombies..

    Mock  the fools and move  on

    Do not let silence become your legacy.. Question everything   
    I renounced my faith to become a kafir, 
    the beloved betrayed me and turned in to  a Muslim
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