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 Topic: Questions for ex-shias from a revert

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  • Questions for ex-shias from a revert
     OP - March 11, 2018, 03:46 PM

    Hello everybody !
    so i'll explain briefly my situation . I am Greek but i lived in Canada for most of my life . I always loved religion and was a practicing christian . one day i met an afghani guy and i spoke with him about religion and he was Shia . he sent things to read about Imam Ali and Hussein . I really got attached to these two personnalities and i have been practicing Shiism for more than 3 years now . i do have some doubts about the religion and i read a lot on the Ahlulbayt but i know i could not have been sunni . I am curious , all the ex-shias on the forum since most of you were born into Shiism how did you guys detach yourselves from Shiism , from the love of the Imams and from Islam in the end and why ?
    Thanks Smiley
  • Questions for ex-shias from a revert
     Reply #1 - March 15, 2018, 10:45 AM

    I was born to a Sunni family and now I'm Christian, I never liked Islam to begin with but I never bothered to actually speak against. When I  was small I always found myself arguing about Islam and Sharia law. I always believed in a higher power so I never bothered becoming Athiest, but when I looked at christianity I felt I was deprived of feeling its love, I felt so jealous of Christians and their religion and the more I read about the life of Mohammed and the growth of Islam. I saw the real face of the Sahaba and Mohammed. When I looked at Jesus I saw such love that made my heart fly it touched my soul. When faced with the two religions it was obvious to me which one was right and which was wrong. So heres my experience with Islam, sorry if it didn't help.
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