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 Topic: Gujarati Ex-Muslims UK

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  • Gujarati Ex-Muslims UK
     OP - January 10, 2018, 08:41 PM

    Hi guys and gals, I'm a closet ex-muslim  growing up in a predominantly Indian Muslim community in England.

    I'm nearing 20, studying at a good university with the aim of moving out when I graduate. (I wasn't allowed to move out for uni because of my controlling mum). Though my household is moderately religious, basic rules like drinking, clubbing, girlfriends, sex etc are completely out of the question. My extended family is very religious with dozens of men and women who have done hifz and teach in mosques. I went to madrassah from the age of 5 till I was 15, prayed 3/4 times a day and even spent a few of these years memorising the Quran but that didn't work out. Many of my friends however ended up memorising all 30 chapters.

    Since leaving mosque, I became less practising until a year ago when I began doubting. After careful I decided to step into the unknown became an ex-Muslim although I do have the odd lingering thoughts about the existence of god now and then however so I would class myself as agnostic rather than atheist. Since disbelieving, the only forbidden thing I've tried is pepperoni but I'm reluctant to try other things for fear of getting caught and the consequences that could follow. I dont have any plans to tell any of my friends or family of my apostasy... like ever, for the reason being I dont want to alienate myself from the people I am close to and I am 100% sure I would be disowned. Currently, Im letting life take me wherever it does, but Ill probably need to be more serious about it as I get older.

    So yeah thats my story, I dont think there'll be many ex-muslims from the Gujarati community, simply because we are known for being quite religious, especially where I'm from (Leicester) but if you are, feel free to share your experiences.
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