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 Topic: Addition to the forum rules: PLEASE READ

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  • Addition to the forum rules: PLEASE READ
     OP - September 07, 2017, 08:19 PM

    Prompted by recent discussions, and after consultation among the mods, a new rule has been added.

    5/ Support for racial supremacist groups.
    Under no circumstances will the propagation of - or apologism for - neo-Nazi or other racial supremacist views or groups be tolerated.
    We're well aware that some people will equate pushback to these groups with the acts of aggression these groups perpetrate. We are unsympathetic to such arguments, and would urge those minded to make them to do so elsewhere.
    Breaking this rule will result in an instant smite. There will be no prior warning.

    We take the view that Nazis and their ilk are firmly to be excluded from politics, and that not to oppose them - here, as elsewhere - is to enable them.

    This is not up for negotiation.
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