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 Topic: My Story

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  • My Story
     OP - April 21, 2017, 11:53 AM


    I am a man of few word so hear goes my apostacy story. I was born into a conservative/libral family where my parents and grand parents where conservative  but my aunts and uncle who i grew up with where libral when i was a child. I was a quite and social issolayted kind and untill 13 never went out outside of school time to socialise with anyone. So for my childhood my family where my onlu social outlets.

    I prefered staying with my aunts and uncles and away from my control freak and tirannical father who was abusive.  Because of this i had an identiy issue for a long time in my life between being bengali(islamic) and being british a western like my aunts and uncles, however i have allways been a free thinker and so desided what was right and wrong by my self.

    I was bulled at primary school for being different quite and shy....and this still scars me to today. Anyway around year 8 in secondary school i started hand out with more muslim friends since in primary school there where ethier non muslim or non practicing muslims students and i was the only muslim that followed or belived in things like god and to eat halal food ect.(i was not realy a muslim then but compared to the other kids i was and i defened the faith when my pares and students said thing that where more islamaphobic then critsim of islam)

    By being with more muslims at secondary school and going to the lunch time prayer club where a muslim teaching assitant teacher tought us about islam i started to pray more regulary (the only other time i did this was when my granmother died when i was about 7) and looking into islamic apologics such as zakir naik and others....but when my little brother was born and i was 13 i started to full practice and belive in islam....and since i was a thinker instarted to learn more aboit it and go on salafi youtube pages and hand out with the local salafis that went to my school. I also started to go out with some non muslim friends and started martial arts which is a hole orther story.

    But back to islam for now...while i was with the salafis i started to be more indoctraneted and feel more hate when their was critasim of islam and negative thing about islam in the wider world. Then around when I was 14-15 i started to question salafi ideas on islam (not islam itself yet) espicaly when this one speaker at a talk said videos games where haram and sign of dagal and that isreal where gog and magog.

    His evidence was making isreal and ps3 fit the oslamic issue not the other way round and i also didnt like the fact they belived poltics did not matter much.....which to me was an issue since i loved history poltics geography ect and i loved the stories of past civilastions including islamic ones and i new there was a bigger poltical picture to islam then met the eye.

    Not long after this my salafi friends from school said these two guys approched them is mosque and started to talk about topics that where mind blowing (these salafis in my area did 0.001% of critaical thinking in there life so it would be bind blowing) and said that next week i should join. So i did.

    So it turns out that these two guys where talking to them aboit islam and poltics/the wsst and islamic philosophical arguments such as the kalam cosmological argument and about recent events such as the arab spring and the hidden western agenda. I was the most interested and responsive to there way of thinking and wanted to learn more about the 'Truth' of the world and islam. So i began to get closer to these guys and to one of them I will call for know Ahmed.

    Ahmed became like a mentor,brother best friend i never had and we would talk on social media and meet up to talk about islam and the caliphate and how islam was idoelogical and rationality needed to rule the world. I already new about the caliphate and because i new of western imperalism and mistakes they have made in dealing with the muslim world, plus the justicfications for sharia and islam i was fully commeted to.islamism and had know become a follower of Hizb ut tahir. Ahmed was a recruter and as my mentor and friend we would disccus anything and everthing about life and islam.

    Know Ahmed unlike anyone else was able to diccuss things in islam without fear. For example where homosexuality was right or wrong and i could talk freely of him if i doubted any of this (Ironic as islam and freedom of speech dont go well unless ot benafits islam) and genarally it cane down to divine comand theory...since good sadi it it is wrong. Both Ahmed and i agreed that homosexuality has no rational wrongness in it and it was only gods say so that made it like that. But we both agreed that outside of god all morals are subjective and ponitless to arguee anyway. We also agreed that we should "help" homosexuals and not just hate them for the sake of god.

    Anyway i was a full memeber of HT form then till now but sectertly for 2 years i have been going more questioning and philosophy and come to conclued there is like no god.islam is manmade as any other religion...that god does not dictate morality and that demorcacy and libarl values is best untill someone can find better. I left the HT in secret this year when i left for uni and stoped contact with anyone in the group. Not even Ahmed knows and i though we would be close forever. Shame. My family dont know yet and i will tell them at a later date in time.

    So there it story. If you have any questions then feel free to ask.

    And you can Call me wolfy
  • My Story
     Reply #1 - April 22, 2017, 03:52 AM

    Welcome to the forum philowolf, have a rabbit!  bunny

    Don't eat the rabbit, wolfy!

    how fuck works without shit??

    Let's Play Chess!

    harakaat, friend, RIP
  • My Story
     Reply #2 - April 23, 2017, 11:49 AM


    I am more of a lamb person my self
  • My Story
     Reply #3 - April 23, 2017, 11:52 AM

    Hello wolfy. parrot

    `But I don't want to go among mad people,' Alice remarked.
     `Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat: `we're all mad here. I'm mad.  You're mad.'
     `How do you know I'm mad?' said Alice.
     `You must be,' said the Cat, `or you wouldn't have come here.'
  • My Story
     Reply #4 - April 23, 2017, 11:56 AM

    Hi Qoud Sum Eris  parrot
  • My Story
     Reply #5 - April 27, 2017, 05:00 PM

    Hi Wofly,

    thanks for sharing your story with us and welcome  parrot

    I what you read or watch until you concluded that there is no god. Just out of curiosity.

    I watched some videos of the Masked Arab, but before that I found Cemb and read articles here.
    I also read books and Richard Dawkins and Saif Rahman - The Islamic Delusion (also a member of Cemb).
  • My Story
     Reply #6 - April 27, 2017, 06:14 PM


    Funny thing is that had I not met the Hizb i may still me muslim. Lol the ironey. Ahmed always said to question things including them so thats what I began to do more. I started watching  more Christopher Hitchens and I think he is the main reason...but then I looked at philosphy and Atheists who understand and use philosophy youtubes sites such as

    Crashcource philosophy( This is a must to get the basics for me and anyone esle interested. Hank greens is a G)
    EssenceOfThought-ex chritian whos had issues with Hamza T
    Logicked-low hanging fruit targets but if your in the mood to see some theists get destoryed then he is your guy

    There others I cant remeber but Hitchens Hank Green and Essence of thought are my main ones and Ahmed him self.....he introduced me to ideas and started the process
  • My Story
     Reply #7 - May 12, 2017, 06:10 PM

    Welcome, wolfy!   Smiley
  • My Story
     Reply #8 - May 12, 2017, 06:22 PM

    Welcome, wolfy!   Smiley

    Hi Senorita
  • My Story
     Reply #9 - May 13, 2017, 11:19 AM

    Hi, Woolfy  Smiley
  • My Story
     Reply #10 - January 04, 2018, 09:14 AM

    Hi, Woolfy  Smiley

    what you up to
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