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 Topic: Bomb & Religions are synonymous to one-another.

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  • Bomb & Religions are synonymous to one-another.
     OP - April 05, 2017, 09:09 PM

    Bomb & religions are like synonymous to one-another.The bombs have been used by front line religious extremists throughout the modern human history and it's still in full use all over the world. Islamist extremists to other Religious fanatics have used bombs to confirm their religious supremacy over one another. Millions of lives have lost from our world due to horrific destruction of morals & human empathy.These destructions are to control human race based on religious agenda. When I see through my visionary eyes that everything would work smoothly & peacefully, if poisonous religions are removed from the social parameters to control human ability to live a life which ones desire to live.In general every human beings are peace loving but social parameters & religious pressures which leads ones to think differently from their counterparts religious groups. The discussion among different religious groups never going to give us desire result. As we can see it's not only that in our world we have approximately 4,000 religions, And interestingly out of 4,000 religions majority of the religions has different sects of religious groups & customs within their so called religions. Which leads to further division among themselves. As a matter of fact, we are disunited ourselves from one single human race into numerous categories. If I can draw an example to emphasize my above discussion then the Animals unity would come first to reflect the natural law of unity. They love to live a united life in their zones.
    Because they aren't bound to follow some strange & practically failed to back up their theories with clear evidences. Religions have failed so many times to answer or give evidence to scientific questions. Because people are following something without having the rights to question their so called omnipotent gods. And funny enough that they will never know, does he really exist? But they have to follow him every way of their life to please their Gods. I believe everyone has their own choices what to do, what not to do. But the problem comes here when ones have to follow something and believe that without being able to ask questions about its existence. I personally think it's an absurd & imposing technique to put human race under artificial pressure to control their minds & human abilities.Religions are bringing more fears than hopes. Human lives are about hopes & aspirations to flourish their human abilities to have a life they desire to have, as we are going to get only one life. Therefore, making the most of it and leaving the mark on the earth would be the way to go. But religious phantom misleading people and influence them to create artificial divisions and wars to destroy humanity. When people like us criticize religions & religious fanatics then some people comes out to defend their faiths with arrogance & illogical theories. After that when they see progressive people like us unstoppable then they take violent approaches to vanish us completely. But the reality is that you can't keep the truth under you notorious weapons for long. Bomb makers & religious fanatics why they can't just leave our human race alone to have a peaceful & happy life?I think it's one of the religious agenda to keep unrest in our world to make people fearful & forceing to believe people in their invisible gods.Religions are the sources of power for the terrorists to manipulate their heinous activities. I firmly believe, when people will come closer to science & technology they will evolve more quickly and that evolution will be the evolution people like us are dreaming. Now you might say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one. I hope one day you will join us.

    No religion no war, No religious justification no discrimination.Free thinking & humanism is the way forward for global peace establishment.One law for all human being.
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