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 Topic: See references to the Quran and the Hadith coveted ...

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  • See references to the Quran and the Hadith coveted ...
     OP - April 07, 2017, 10:11 AM

    Quran Surah 52:
    17-20:Believers will be happy in the Garden, where they shall rejoice ... They will say God is giving you to eat what you have done, or pep, and the row-barrier Reclining on thrones, and we (Allah), their sexual unmadaka the beautiful eyes huradera make their partner.

    Quran surah 52:22-25: fruits and meat as they desire heaven, I (God) will give it. They give each other a cup alluring; The vanity of insanity, no sins. They are dedicated to the service of a beautiful pearl-like boys will go. They will turn to one another, questioning.

    Quran surah 37: 40-49: rejoice for them, and respect-honor God in the Garden of luxury. They sit facing the throne, and from the spring transparent as crystal, they will drink from the cup of white wine, which will be great fun and delicious, but they are not drunk.And beside them will be shy and wide-eyed virgins huri inebriate mind, as it is protected and delicate egg white.

    Quran surah 44: 51-55: Yes, for the followers of the right protected habitat - the luxury garden and fountain. Silk cloth and decorated with great artistry they sit face to face; And we (Allah) will make their partner a beautiful, wide and white-footed huriderake sexually intoxicating eyes.

    Quran surah 55: 56-57: among them the wide-eyed virgins lajjabati hurigana, whom no man or jinn has ever touched..

    Quran surah 55: 56-74: and coral like there to be young (huri), the lush green gardens, two springs gushing forth. Aye fruits, palm trees and pomegranates, there Sushila fair virgins, virgins hurabala sunayana and standing tent - those who have never touched a human or jinn.

    Koran 56: 15-23: The golden reclining mukhomukhibhabe sit on the throne; They will go around like the ever-pearl solid surapurna boys took a cup of wine; If you do not have to drink to their sirahpira; And the birds will have their choice of meat; There will be ayotalocana (over eye) hurigana virgin; Cover mistress like pearls; This is their karma.

    Quran surah 78: 31-36: Success is for those who fear; Unnatabaksa beautiful gardens and grape juice and the same age (like bank steepish breasts) and the virgins will have their hands full cup of wine, their reward from Allah..

    Quran surah 76: 14-19: heaven shade thereof, and all the fruits, which will serve to request silver-crystal containers; More will be given to drink yanjabilera mix salsa and a fountain named Salsabil; They will be loitering, like pearls scattered perpetually teenage boy.

    Quran surah 56: 34-37: They shall be put here-high beds, particularly those srjiyachi virgins (ever virgin), and by age.

    Quran surah 2:25:
    O Prophet (peace be upon him) give glad tidings to those who believe and do good deeds have, beneath which rivers flow. But they say they will have no fruits, it is precisely the fruit of the earth, which we got. In fact, the result will be the same for them, and therein they shall abide therein, and spouses ramanikula.

    Quran surah 47:15: those who believe that the Muslims are promised Paradise, the situation is as follows: in it are rivers of water, the taste of fresh milk, which changes the river, rivers of wine delicious to those who drink, and rivers of pure honey. Various fruits are there for them and their Lord's bounty.What is their rivers, and those who will remain forever in the Fire will be given to drink boiling water, which will be torn apart and drank their guts?

    Hu said in those verses how many were not able to say that. It can be found on the following hadith -----------

    Daraja narrated that Abu al-Haytham Abdulla bin Wahab, Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri narrated that the prophet karime (saw) heard from, "heaven is a paradise the smaller reward and eighty thousand slaves Bakr and seventy-two beautiful yaunabati Hur. They Moni pearls will live in the palace. "Tirmidhi, bhaluma 4, Books - 1, hadisa 2687
  • See references to the Quran and the Hadith coveted ...
     Reply #1 - April 07, 2017, 02:35 PM

    Islamic Paradise is seriously the most materialistic sexist stereotypical 7th century Arabian fantasy I've ever heard of. Islamic Hell, as well, is the most sadistic heartless stereotypical 7th century Arabian fantasy I've ever heard of.

    I mean if sex/food/drinking is a thing due to our current corporeal nature on our planet in the universe and those being animals' means of obtaining energy and reproducing, with pleasurable feelings being how we interpret the signals to our brain resulting from transduction following sensory inputs of those things, what logic is it in having the same thing in what is viewed by many Muslims as being a different dimension or plane of existence?

    I'm also impressed that the most clearly specified physical attribute of the virgin women in Paradise is the size and shape of their breasts (big and swollen/pear shaped).

    I have to give it to most Muslim women as well for being cool with Muhammad stating that women will form the majority of people in Hell (Bukhari 3241 and Muslim 2737) which is strange since he specified that the poor form the majority in Heaven so you'd think he'd state the rich form the majority in Hell.

    Then you have the wine that doesn't make you drunk. Seriously, who's idea was that? It's called Juicy Juice where I come from, mofo, you ain't fooling me.

  • See references to the Quran and the Hadith coveted ...
     Reply #2 - April 08, 2017, 12:24 AM

    gardens, reclining couches, fruit, crystal vases and laydeez.

    you can get most of that from your local high street these days.
  • See references to the Quran and the Hadith coveted ...
     Reply #3 - April 08, 2017, 01:51 PM

    Indeed! Before I read the Quran I joined my non-Muslim teachers in their laughs about the extremist organizations propaganda about the '72 virgins’ thing. I thought how can anyone be so shameless as to attach such debauchery with Islam! And when I personally read about the busted virgin thing I was totally blown away. And I remembered a relative boasting about how their 7-year-old son remembered all of Quran by heart; if Quran were a movie it would be at least R-rated.
      In Christianity heaven is more of an abstract idea, in which people don’t marry, and presumably don’t have intercourse. In the Baha’i faith too it’s more of a metaphor of being closer or farther to God. In Islam it’s basically an orgy with food and wine. Alcohol which is illegal under normal circumstances is provided without limit. Gold which is frown upon in many hadith will be provided for all kinds of lavishments.
       I’m also surprised by the way it thinks the hierarchy of masters and servants ( slaves) will continue to exist after life and that women are given as reward for physical use rather than a companion.

    btw do women get to have sex in heaven? Is there any texts on this?
  • See references to the Quran and the Hadith coveted ...
     Reply #4 - April 08, 2017, 02:25 PM

    And I see that CEMBers have already had a very funny discussion about this.
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