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 Topic: I am ex-muslim

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  • I am ex-muslim
     OP - February 13, 2017, 07:44 PM

    I m x muslim  now I m atheist and member of CEMB now I m feeling well and good happy .when I m muslim I need to do 5 time pray a day and read quran.but no reword from god god is jast a dream not proofs of god . I don't understand if god is great and he creater then why muslims need jahad for him why if he is powerfull then why muslims need to kill innocent people why and why god not doing his self why human killing each other in name of god and Muhammad.and why he send four books why and why god not showing us this jast belive god cant do for human human as doing for humans so why we belive on god .if we r sick then we visting a doctor for health so if god as every thing why we going for doctor and why when muslims crossing road they looking lift and right why if god is power for life then why they belive on which god csant safe his life,why people believe on god .I m born in muslims family from child hood I m lessen about god but no result from god .this jast blind believe and blind think about god .no freedom in islam .islam as the enemy of love .islam is enemy of homosexual life,islam is enemy of woman rights, islam is enemy of non muslims .in muslims society woman like slave
  • I am ex-muslim
     Reply #1 - February 13, 2017, 07:48 PM

    muslims cant accept reality jast belive blind on quran and Muhammad practice and ahades
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