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 Topic: Why we shouldn't believe in God & religion!

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  • Why we shouldn't believe in God & religion!
     OP - February 16, 2017, 10:58 PM

    God existence is not proved by evidences & human witnesses. Religious critics says we disbelievers & we don't understand the miracles of god. I think your logics are baseless & has no grounds to defend the argument. To be an atheist Most of us had studied religion rigorously as much as we could. And we didn't find it reasonable or close to reasonableness. Therefore I can say disbelievers understood religion far better than believers. And the reason why I think so,because believers mostly relied on someone else(that someone mostly religious scholars) rather than on his own.Hence believers weaknesses appears clearly & failed to prove that religions are needed for our modern world .If you aren't belonging any religious group most possible chances for you to be a neutral judge regarding any issue between different religious groups. And that's itself proving fairness in judgement only possible without religions or religious intimidation, if a non religious person in-charge he doesn't have to defend this fellow religious followers for the sake of their religious affiliation. Atheists & secularists are more favourable to defend common human rights than so called religious scholars. Most importantly atheists & non religious, free thinkers & secular humanists  stand for human beings and for their human rights before anything else. In the human history we have witnessed many civil, criminal & religious war among the different religious groups but world have never witnessed anything like that among the Atheists, humanists & secularists groups.we can have a happy, joyous & peaceful world if we stop religious stupidity & separation of human race. Humanism should practice as like a single religion for whole human race. And humanitarian activities should be compulsory duty for common good. By doing so we can be united like we never been before in the human history. And at last but not the least benefit for us will be our 'single identity, irrespective of our differences in skin colours, languages & geographical position And that is;

    No religion no war, No religious justification no discrimination.Free thinking & humanism is the way forward for global peace establishment.One law for all human being.
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