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 Topic: Perfect news for Mullahs and Muslimah/Woman

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  • Perfect news for Mullahs and Muslimah/Woman
     OP - April 19, 2018, 10:34 PM

    Perfect news for Mullahs   and  Muslimah/Woman folks in Islam

    BBC news says   gave a link  which says American hero' lands stricken airliner with this picture  

    A similar engine fault behind a fatal mid-air engine explosion that punctured a passenger jet window was reported in 2016, it has emerged. A female passenger died after she was nearly sucked from the cabin of a Southwest Airlines flight travelling from New York to Dallas on Tuesday.

    Investigators say there was a fault with the engine's fan blades - the cause of the incident two years ago.

    US aviation authorities are to order inspections of similar jet engines.

    Southwest Airlines Flight 1380, a Boeing 737 which was carrying 149 people, was forced to make an emergency landing at Philadelphia airport on Tuesday following a fault with one of its CFM56-7B engines.


    So I  was  curious about that hero who landed that fight safely   and the picture of that flight captain says it all

    Tammie Jo Shults flew fighter jets for the US Navy

    Damn  stupid BBC news .. the Captain is NOT hero .,    Captain is She ... The  Heroine

    well  looking at her courage  and her work ethics  I am pulling my hair and watching THESE ISLAMIC IDIOTS   who preach  Muslimah should be   in home and in burkha all the time..                



    there are 1000S OF SUCH VIDEOS  on web .,  Good for nothing Idiots in Islam   become Islamic preachers   and then gather some fools to brain wash on women  folk and work  using   some silly verses   from Quran .

    These surah BAKHRA FOOLS   can learn something from what that american pilot Tammie Jo Shults did....

    Mock  the fools  and move on

    Do not let silence become your legacy.. Question everything   
    I renounced my faith to become a kafir, 
    the beloved betrayed me and turned in to  a Muslim
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