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 Topic: contradictions in Quran

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  • contradictions in Quran
     OP - January 16, 2016, 04:29 PM

    For me Quran is not only a bundle of contradictions, but a
     volume of confusion. The following examples prove the point:

    "Those who believe [in the], and those who follow the
     Jewish [Scriptures], and the Christians and the Sabians, any one
     who believe in God and the last day, and work righteousness
     shall have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no
     fear, nor shall they grieve." (Sura 2:62).

    Now, read a counter "revelation" in Sura Imran:
     "If anyone desires a religion other than Islam [Submission to
     God] he will be in the ranks of those who have lost all spiritual
     good" (Sura 3:85)

    The Quran rightly condemns hypocrisy (Sura 4:138; 9:64-68) and
     teaches that hypocrites will occupy the lowest part of Hell fire, (Sura
     4:145). Yet Allah commands Muhammad to compel men to Islam at the
     point of the sword , i.e., in a Jihad (see Sura 47:4; 2:191; 4:74-77) while
     elsewhere stating that there should be no compulsion in religion (Sura
     2:256). These statements cannot be logically reconciled. To condemn
     religious coercion while making Jihad incumbent on Muslims is surely
     hypocritical and an obvious contradiction.

    In Sura 2:6-7, Muhammad is told that his attempt to convert the
     unbelievers will not avail anything because Allah has sealed their heart
     and their ears and blindfolded their eyes. But elsewhere Muhammad is
     told to attempt their conversion, by peaceful means anyway (Sura
     24:54). In Surat al-Ghashiya, Muhammad is reminded of his role as a
     warner only and that the disbelievers will be punished by Allah himself.
     "Thou art not one to manage [men's] affairs. But if any turn
     away and reject God, God will punish him with a mighty
     punishment, for to us will be their return." (Sura 88:22-25).

    The very contrary is taught in other passages as the great prophet of
     Islam claims that Allah has commanded him to spread Islam with the
     sword. In Sura 4:48, 116, we learned that Shirk,1 (idolatry) is an
     unpardonable sin, yet Abraham (Ibrahim), the friend of God, is alleged
     to be guilty of this sin (see Sura 6:75-78).

    The power to create and impart life is the exclusive right of God
     alone. He cannot permit angels or prophets to create life or they would
     also be God. Yet Quran on the one hand teaches that Jesus fashioned a
     bird out of clay and imparted life into the bird (Sura 3:49), while on the
     other hand, the same Quran teaches that Jesus is no more than a

    It is common knowledge that only God is worthy of worship, yet the
     Koran teaches that Iblis or Satan was cast out of heaven for his refusal to
     worship Adam (Sura 2:34; 7:11-13; 38:72-77). Wine is forbidden to
     Muslims here on earth (Sura 5:92, 2:219) but rivers of wine are
     promised them in Aljana, the Muslim heaven (Sura 47:15; 76:6; 83:25).
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