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 Topic: Unemployment Benefits in European countries

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  • Unemployment Benefits in European countries
     Reply #60 - January 29, 2016, 05:13 PM

    My best friend is disabled...I honestly feel pain watching her attempt to walk around as she has 6 different chronic conditions.  She may never be able to work.  She also has 2 kids under 8, plus a 17 year old.  She was claiming right up until she got married, and now she is no longer claiming.  The thing is, her partner makes 1300 a month.  Of which 750 goes straight to the rent, and some portion goes to the council tax.  Then you factor in utility bills, which are staggering in the UK.  (mine is 240 a month on gas and electric alone)

    This family needs help & I'm pretty certain they would get some. Why not show them this?

    Get them to work through it and see if they might be able to claim Housing Benefit, Family Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits. There might also be some level of Personal Independence Payment available. Also, what stops your friend from working (edit: rhetorical question, I don't need an answer)? There are funds to help disabled people get to work and for making adjustments to the workplace in order to enable them to do a job.
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