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 Topic: Religious Traumatic Syndrome - discussion

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  • Religious Traumatic Syndrome - discussion
     Reply #60 - December 30, 2015, 07:18 AM

    This thread strikes a cord with me. At one moment I felt I needed to see a psychiatrist because I was becoming mad. Nobody knew what I was going through.

    I can relate to each and every thing, especially the lowered self-confidence, the constant pressure for perfection- sleeping right, eating right, dressing right. I could feel no happiness for all this world was, was a facade, just a test.

    Being a woman in Islam is one of the most miserable things. You can have no ambitions. What can you possibly want to be other than a housewife and a mother?

    Hide and disappear, don't create fitnah - that's the underlying message.

  • Religious Traumatic Syndrome - discussion
     Reply #61 - January 01, 2016, 03:12 AM

    I did see a therapist, I desperately needed to see her, the first few years after I left. I saw one for a few months who decided, from my description of Islam and the Ummah I had left, that I was severely disturbed. Because everything I said was not very PC, you know?
    So luckily she left for some other gig and I got a therapist who, though not familiar with Islam, did not doubt me and has made me feel tons better.
    She has walked me through all the culture shock and helped me shed all the guilt of pushing my sleeves up to my elbow. 
    So though I would not recommend a Muslim therapist for an apostate, I would recommend that you shop around and find one who possesses empathy.

    Don't let Hitler have the street.
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