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 Topic: Muslim Refugee just like timing bomb

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  • Muslim Refugee just like timing bomb
     Reply #60 - July 05, 2016, 12:06 PM

    I know a woman who was a teenage soldier in Africa.  She pretended to be much younger so she could get to Canada as a refugee.  She said she was 14 and a family adopted her.  When her family took her to the dentist they said it was rare that she had all her wisdom teeth grown in so early.  This was usually for young adults who were around 21 years old.  She went to school and studied and did well in her studies.  When she was finished university she decided to stop lying.  Before she thought that God and other people would not forgive her.   She is a good person and she is married now. 

    Sometimes people deserve a second chance.  She said when the people were recruiting soldiers from her school, they were lying.  They made the conflict seem all wonderful.  She quickly changed her mind when she was watching her colleagues being killed or hurt. 

    I heard about the elderly European couple who took a "15 yr old" to live with them on their farm.  He murdered them both.

    So I have mixed feelings. 

    The unreligion, only one calorie
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