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 Topic: Confusion

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  • Confusion
     OP - September 01, 2015, 01:24 PM

    I have a question, hopefully anyone has some advice. I am a closeted ex-muslim with a small child of 2. Because of a cross-cultural family, the place we live and are friends, the kid is already exposed to 4 languages, which is actually way too much for that age. Most languages are connected to specific persons, and delay in learning all those languages if probable. Now my parents-in-law want to teach the child Arab prayers etc from this early age, even though they themselves don't speak Arab at all (they can pronounce the alphabet like most non-Arab muslims, but have no clue to what the meaning really is). I'm afraid this will confuse my child even more; he will try to make sense of it like it is their native language, and can't possibly understand at this age they don't use Arab as means of communication. Do you have any clue as how to solve this problem?
  • Confusion
     Reply #1 - September 01, 2015, 02:53 PM

    Tbh I wouldn't worry to much. Just make sure he/she is not put under any undue pressure.
  • Confusion
     Reply #2 - September 01, 2015, 03:39 PM

    Delaying tactics.. "yes yes, I'll do it. The process is slow"
  • Confusion
     Reply #3 - September 01, 2015, 06:54 PM

    Children have a unique ability for language acquisition. I don't think you should worry, the only important advice I would give you is to be consistent when using different languages. Don't change from one language to the other in the middle of the sentence, and use proper language use. If you're not proficient in a language, leave it to others who are to talk with the child.

    As for teaching the child prayers... meh, I don't know. It can be troublesome when you yourself are an ex-Muslim and don't see the point. But try to explain to your in-laws that anything that is taught to a little child should be age appropriate and without force. I always wanted my daughter to become hafidh quran, but I never forced her to learn even the shorter sooras  except if she herself showed interest. She loved listening to my recitation, but was stubborn like a mule refusing to even recite qul huwa allah ahad even though I knew she could Roll Eyes

    "The healthiest people I know are those who are the first to label themselves fucked up." - three
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