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 Topic: Cat Stevens New Album

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  • Cat Stevens New Album
     OP - Yesterday at 02:02 PM

    Rolling stone article talking about a new album released by cat stevens.

    Yusuf / Cat Stevens will release a new album in the fall, his fourth since returning to the folk-pop style of his classic Sixties and Seventies work. The Laughing Apple bridges the artist's present and past, combining newly written songs with covers of tracks from his early repertoire. Hear "See What Love Did to Me" – one of the brand-new selections – here.
    The song offers a charming update on the breezy, singalong-friendly sound that Yusuf / Cat Stevens helped to pioneer on classic albums such as Tea for the Tillerman. Over a simple acoustic-guitar-driven arrangement, he praises love's transformative powers, comparing it to forces of nature. "Just like the wind, my heart's rushing fast/A piece of dust too high to catch," he sings. The song's lyric video features animations of Yusuf / Cat Stevens' own drawings, made especially for the album. The artist himself turns up for a cameo near the end of the clip, as the song takes a religious turn: "And now I see what God did for me."

    "'See What Love Did to Me' is a a song which extolls the virtue of Love and its destructive properties," Yusuf / Cat Stevens tells Rolling Stone in a statement. "Based on a poem written by Yunus Emre, a Thirteenth Century Turkish poet. I fell upon the guitar riff back in 2006, while recording An Other Cup. It took eight years to find the right words and sentiments to marry with the joyous tune. It has musical ripples of Africa as well as India flowing through."

    "Like a blindfolded bee, guided only by his heart to the bosom of the flower, Love is the greatest Divine instinct that gives us wings to fly to the supreme heights of our humanity," he explains, alluding to the song's repeated line "Like a blindfolded bumblebee." "It takes us to a garden where our minds can surrender reason in exchange for the nectar of Love. Worship is in essence a state total devotion to whoever we adore the most and expressing our yearning for closeness and proximity to our Beloved and where we forever want to be."


    In my opinion a life without curiosity is not a life worth living
  • Cat Stevens New Album
     Reply #1 - Yesterday at 02:23 PM

    See What Love Did To Me
    My trail is blazing
    Smoke over head
    My trail is blazaing
    Smoke everywhere
    I feel amazing
    Love lit me well

    I was a strong man
    Strong as can be
    I was a strong man
    Strong as a tree
    Come back and see what love did to me
    Just like the wind my heart's rushing fast
    A piece of dust too high too catch
    A raging flood
    Rolling to sea
    A raging flood
    Rolling madly
    Come back and see what love did to me

    Is this a  thinly veiled indication that Yusuf has become a Rastafari Sufi??  grin12

    لجاه الحمد والمنة


    "God will say, "O Jesus, son of Mary, did you say to the people, 'Make me and my mother gods beside God?" Qur'an 5:116

    "I told them clearly that I am a man...and that they should never make a mistake in assuming or pretending that the human being is emanated from a deity." - Haile Selassie
  • Cat Stevens New Album
     Reply #2 - Yesterday at 03:27 PM


    lmao. I just read the song lyrics from your quote.

    It totally looks like something you might write.   Cheesy    Cheesy    Cheesy 

    In my opinion a life without curiosity is not a life worth living
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