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 Topic: Marine Le Pen speaks at Oxford Union

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  • Marine Le Pen speaks at Oxford Union
     OP - February 05, 2015, 06:02 PM

    She is speaking tonight at the Oxford Union debating society. Lots of protesting and also Labour member has said it should have not been allowed to happen, impeding free speech!

    More than 200 demonstrators have pledged to protest outside the Oxford Union on Thursday ahead of a planned evening appearance at the university’s prestigious debating society by Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right Front National.

    “The union must reverse the decision to invite this notorious Islamophobe,” Weyman Bennett, joint national secretary of Unite Against Fascism, said on the group’s Facebook page. Referring to le Pen’s father, he added: “Jean-Marie le Pen once called the Holocaust a ‘detail of history’. We will demonstrate to argue that fascists should never be allowed a platform.”

    Agree with this

    Let Le Pen speak; destroy her arguments. Don't give her victimhood, don't patronise by assuming we'll be transformed by hearing her speak.
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