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 Topic: helpful site.

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  • helpful site.
     OP - February 23, 2013, 11:59 PM

    hi there all.

    i felt like since posting things here. i felt that ive been a bit of negative. also i read some posts here that inspires me to something.

    so i thanks for this site cos without this site i;ll be still a bit bigot. yes things happened and i was sure of it and all that but i should chill and things like that. as i am away from such people so things are okay now so why drag my past into now cos it leads me to be negative.

    i also want to apologise to everyone anyone that i offend of any means. non muslim or muslim. i was speaking for my mind and i thought i was within border but im doubting it now. i felt like i been a bit of crictizial. so i apologise again.

    thanks for reading.

    so from now on ill just watch u all posting and ill read it. ill be watchin this site as offline.

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