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 Topic: Can somebody check these 3 Arabic sentences?

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  • Can somebody check these 3 Arabic sentences?
     OP - September 13, 2012, 12:43 PM

    I went on and found plenty of people that are willing to translate my website for just $150-$200. I asked them to translate a sample sentence. Only thing is, my Arabic is not good enough to determine which is the best translation (if it was then I would not need a translator in the first place). Can someone tell me which of these sentences reads the best? It is supposed to be proffessional Modern Standard Arabic writing that would be legible to all Arabs regardless of their country.

    Here are the 3 samples:

    From Lebanon, will do the entire site for $150:
     أثّرت منطقة الشّرق الأدنى التّوسّع الطبيعي لتطوّر الحضارة المينوسيّة٬ كما يقول بعض علماء الآثار. في عام ٬1972 ناقش رنفرو بأنّ الإنتاج المحليّ للحضارتين المينوسيّة والإيجيّة ازداد من قبل التّقدم في الزّراعة.

    From Tunisia, will do the entire site for $200:
    كانت غالبية علماء الآثار تعتبر أن تطور الحضارة المينوسية هو توسع طبيعي لتأثير الشرق الأدنى. لكن في سنة 1972، بدأ رينفرو يشير إلى وجود تطور محلي للحضارات المينوسية و الإيجية راجع إلى ارتفاع الإنتاج، الراجع بدورة إلى التقدم في الميدان الزراعي.

    From Egypt, will do the entire site for $200:
    لقد عزى معظم الآثاريون تطور الحضارة المينوسية إلى الانتشار الطبيعي للتأثيرات الشرقية القريبة، إلا أن رينفرو بدأت في عام 1972 تبدي تطورا أصليا للحضارة المينوسية، والحضارات الإيجية الأخرى، أشعل شرارته تزايد الإنتاجية الناجم عن التطورات في مجال الزراعة.

    The original sentence in English was:

    "Most archaeologists explained the development of the Minoan civilization as a natural expansion of Near Eastern influences. However, in 1972, Renfrew began arguing for an indigenous development of Minoan and other Aegean civilizations sparked by increased productivity through advances in agriculture."

    There were actually many other bids on the project ranging from $30-$500. These are just the 3 that I have the best feeling about.
  • Re: Can somebody check these 3 Arabic sentences?
     Reply #1 - September 13, 2012, 01:03 PM

    My Arabic is rather rusty due to lack of exposure on a daily basis, so I don't think I'm that good a judge for such translation.

    However, it seems to me that the first translation isn't very good. He didn't really understand the last sentence. The second one is a bit clumsy with some very minor error, but overall more understandable. I think the last one is the best, though there is some confusion at the beginning of the second sentence.

    He's no friend to the friendless
    And he's the mother of grief
    There's only sorrow for tomorrow
    Surely life is too brief
  • Re: Can somebody check these 3 Arabic sentences?
     Reply #2 - September 13, 2012, 01:10 PM

    Hmm I'm definitely not an arabic expert, but the guy from Tunisia seems to get it right. The egyptian's also good enough and lastly the lebanese guy.
    I'd go with the Tunisian guy, I liked the way he translated it  Wink
  • Re: Can somebody check these 3 Arabic sentences?
     Reply #3 - September 13, 2012, 03:42 PM


    Don't take the first one. It's clearly deviating from the source text (كما يقول بعض علماء الآثار) and a little bit too literal (ناقش). He also used something that is not acceptable by Arab linguists من قبل. Not the best translation!

    The third one also committed a BIG mistake (Renfrew here is an archaeologist not a town, right?). The second one seems to be the best among these, but of course it can/should be refined.

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