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 Topic: Ibrahim Al-Buleihi "We are a burden on the West, and should learn from them"

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  • Ibrahim Al-Buleihi "We are a burden on the West, and should learn from them"
     OP - May 28, 2011, 02:41 AM

    Agree / disagree? It's optimistic to me. Smiley

    Ibrahim Al-Buleihi: To this day, we are a burden on the West. Even Japan admits that without benefiting from the West, it would not have developed.

    Presenter: Prospered in what?

    Ibrahim Al-Buleihi: In the value, liberties and dignity of human beings, as well as in the development of science, of technology, and of life.

    And whilst I am not a neoconservative, this is a quote from the interview by Ibrahim Al-Buleihi that I wanted to show everyone and gauge opinions on because he almost seems to advocate a neoconservative approach to implementing democracy...

    Ibrahim Al-Buleihi: Tyranny is a tremendous obstacle which makes any progress impossible. The West intervened in Japan's affairs as well, and managed to save Japan from tyranny. Today, Japan is considered a model of democracy, of liberties, and of all of the advantages the West has produced.
  • Re: Ibrahim Al-Buleihi "We are a burden on the West, and should learn from them"
     Reply #1 - May 28, 2011, 02:51 AM

    Turns out this man is a Saudi liberal. I looked him up, love this quote from him. Smiley

    "... the situation in Saudi Arabia is sad and shameful, so it is clearly necessary not only to be concerned but to be deeply anxious. I learned early in my life that a dreadful flaw afflicts the lives of others, but at first I did not understand the reasons. My deep anxiety impelled me to study our history and culture in depth in search of the source of the flaw, and also led me to devote attention to the triumphant Western civilization, beginning with Greek philosophical thought, continuing through the political, social, scientific, anthropological and other achievements of the West. I became convinced that Western civilization is exceptional and pioneering, and is not an extension of the previous civilizations: it is civilization par excellence. The excellence of the West lies not in its accomplishments in the sciences, arts and technology, but rather, these accomplishments are the outgrowth of the West's respect for profit, the free system, its liberty, and the establishment of government in the service of the people—the government belongs to the people, and they do not belong to it as like in all other countries of the world. This is a qualitative change, unprecedented in human history, and the source of everything that the human being experiences of the amazing changes in all aspects of life."
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