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 Topic: A challenge to Pashtun

 (Read 6330 times)
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  • A challenge to Pashtun
     OP - April 18, 2011, 06:38 PM

    Please provide evidence that Bill Maher, Geert Wilders, and any of the other people you have previously referred to as "closet Jews" on this forum, are secretly practicing Judaism. That is all. Thanks.

    fuck you
  • Re: A challenge to Pashtun
     Reply #1 - April 18, 2011, 07:20 PM

    This is one on one, debunker, please don't post here.

    fuck you
  • Re: A challenge to Pashtun
     Reply #2 - April 19, 2011, 10:50 AM

    Whats their to prove. Go and read what they say, go and watch the video of Michael Scheuer stating how Americans should not die for Israel and Bill Mahar wheeping like a baby. If he was a Agnostic then why is he so sensitive over Israel(Jewish State)?

    Why dont you watch Bill Mahar's documentary by the name of religulous where he Insults Islam/Christianity but when its the turn of Judaism, he out of all the people interviews a Anti-Zionist Rabbi.

    Oh please, dont get me started on Gert wilders, go and do your research on him first before you post any challenge to me.

    Take a good look at this Fake Agnostic Closet Jew

    Q-Man, a Closet Jew is one who poses as an agnostic but has feelings for a Jewish cause.

    You call them "Closet Jews" People who keep their Jewish side hidden in a Closet, like our Indonesian Jewish Friend Gert wilders who not long ago, has been suspected of being a Spy for Israel.

    I mean, how on earth would a Agnostic say Jews and Christians should unite to fight Islam! Would Richard Dawkins say such a thing? Its the usual tactic used throughout Europe by the Religonist Jews to use others for thier own Political means, just like how the Arab elite do to Non Arab Muslim states when it comes to their Interests.

    How come Bill Mahar/Gert Wilders/Melanie Phillips/Pamela Geller/Roberta Moore and all the other Jewish Radicals never discuss the Talmud but cry all day about Anti-Semitism when challenged.

    Q-Man its not about providing evidence, its all about common-sense.

    If your an Agnostic, one who does not follow the belief of Religion or a God, then why do you get worked up when Israel is criticised, obviously, its because these guys try hard to pose as Rational people but hold onto a different agenda, being a Jewish one.

    I couldnt care-less. Both Jews and Arabs, the so called Semitic Ones, are causing alot of fuss around the world.
  • Re: A challenge to Pashtun
     Reply #3 - April 19, 2011, 03:29 PM

    Bullshit, Pashtun.

    Basically your "evidence" consists of the fact that these people support Israel as proof that they are Jewish.

    Bill Maher supports Israel because he identifies as a Jew ethnically and in this sense he is not "in the closet", however, you've provided no evidence that he actually holds any Jewish religious beliefs. He also sees Israel as a democracy in the Middle East and supports it on that basis as well.

    Geert Wilders doesn't support Israel because he loves Jews, but because he hates Muslims and Arabs. It's a real simple "enemy of my enemy is my friend" position he's taking.

    There are a number of reasons people may support Israel besides belief in Judaism:

    1. For secular/agnostic/atheist Jews it can be a matter of simple ethnic nationalism-- which is really what Zionism, broadly, is. There are both secular and religious wings of Zionism. I suggest you do some research on that.

    2. For Christians and other non-Jews it can be one of a number of reasons (or all of them)

         (a) Hostility towards Muslims and Arabs-- as with Geert Wilders an "enemy of my enemy is my friend" perspective.

         (b) Blind/loyal support for US imperialism and foreign policy goals. Israel serves as a neo-colonial outpost for American and British imperialism, and the jingoistic pro-imperialist cheerleaders in America and Britain support Israel as a military ally.

         (c) Related to the above, I can tell you that in America, many people support Israel simply because the corporate media supports these imperial interests and has brainwashed many people in this country by painting a very biased picture of the conflict in which the Israelis are good guys and the Palestinians bad guys.

         (d) For Christian Evangelicals in particular support for Israel is related to a particular end-times prophecy where all the nations will turn against Israel and many of the Jews will convert to Christianity just before the apocalypse.

    In conclusion, there are many, many reasons why someone who does not actually practice Judaism or believe in its religious tenets would support Israel, therefore support for Israel is not actually evidence that someone is a Jew in the religious sense, nor even necessarily in the ethnic sense-- and that is the only argument you've provided.


    In case you define a "closet Jew" as someone having sympathies for Israel and/or supporting the state of Israel: Yeah: Those people may very well be "closet Jews" just like Einstein(who was a deist/agnostic, but is racially a Jew.)
    It boils down to Jew as a religion vs. Jew as a "race".

    Goddamit, can't you people read the rules of this subforum? It's called one-on-one debates for a reason. Post your comments in Ringside Seats.

    fuck you
  • Re: A challenge to Pashtun
     Reply #4 - April 19, 2011, 05:23 PM

    Can everybody bar Q Man and Pashtun please refrain from posting in this thread.   Post any thoughts you have in the comments thread in Ringside Seats instead.   thnkyu

    "Befriend them not, Oh murtads, and give them neither parrot nor bunny."  - happymurtad's advice on trolls.
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