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Recent Posts

Love and compassion
by akay
Today at 08:34 AM

I hate covering up
Today at 07:16 AM

Attack at Manchester Aren...
Today at 06:49 AM

"Oh Allah, Trump is one o...
Today at 06:12 AM

Insest Mark Dice
Today at 06:04 AM

Funny/Cool/Interesting me...
Today at 03:16 AM

Truce in the Culture War
Today at 02:54 AM

Headscarves and Haircuts
Yesterday at 08:27 PM

Reading Quran And Inquiri...
May 21, 2017, 09:20 PM

What music are you listen...
May 21, 2017, 01:23 AM

Basic Google Chrome tutor...
May 21, 2017, 01:03 AM

May 20, 2017, 10:24 PM

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Recent posts

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  • 1 -  Love and compassion

    Today at 08:34 AM by akay
    طفل يقوم بدعوة حارس الامن الى الاسلام والنتيجة!! - ذاكر نايك Zakir Naik

    فلبيني يسأل الدكتور ذاكر سؤال من اكثر الاسئلة جمالاً!! - ذاكر نايك

    محاضرة الهدف من الخلق كاملة || ذاكر نايك - The Purpose of the Creation Full || Zakir Naik
  • 2 - I hate covering up

    Today at 07:16 AM by FairOrNot
    I hope people start to fight for your right to do the basics, like dressing yourself :(
  • 3 - Attack at Manchester Arena

    Today at 06:49 AM by AGirlWithDoubts
    According to the police a suicide bomber was behind the attacks. Despicable waste of air. So many young people were targeted.
  • 4 - "Oh Allah, Trump is one of your servants ...." 'Trump, servant of God'

    Today at 06:12 AM by bogart
    Take notes Sweden.
  • 5 - Insest Mark Dice

    Today at 06:04 AM by bogart

    More importantly, why does marriage have anything to do with having children in this case? There's no reason I can see for why an incestuous marriage without children should be made illegal, as per your own reasons for why incest is unethical.

    Chance of abuse or prior abuse and disorder or possible collapse of a family unit due to tension. The data is more supportive of such relationship forming as a result of abuse and power battles due to taught social points of view such as religious taboos. (western culture) If there were a set of laws allowing one sub-set of this group to marry on the grounds that it was not abuse nor a power dynamic based relationship than we would be enabling the government to review all cases of incest based marriages. After all the burden would be on the couple to challenge social and data based view points not the state. This would be a waste of taxpayers dollars and a burden to the justice system in order to provide special privilege for a minority of a minority. Also it would enable abusive based relationships to argue a case that such a relationship is not abusive. For victims such legal battles would place an unnecessary emotional trauma. In one part it would be enable people to delude themselves that their specific relationship is not abusive and have hope of acceptance via a legal battle. Due to probability based on the data of sexual abuse between family members such a marriage would be more likely be abusive there is the emotional trauma from a rejection ruling. As part of this delusion actual victims may not come forward due to coercion from the abuser based on a lack of the existing social taboo and the challenge to the legal standing. This leaves the protection basis of the ban questionable as the law is doing little to protect people. After all you are allowing people to consider such a relation as normalized rather than illegal and abnormal.

    More so if one type of marriage becomes subject to a review there would be challenges to why other types of marriage are not subject to reviews as well. So for a minority of a minority gaining a special privilege could come at a cost to everyone else.

    Two consenting adults is not a good argument. It was never an argument for same-sex used in as a legal standpoint but is merely pop-culture echoes. I have used it myself but typical I included legal rationale not merely a meme slogan. Borrowing from homosexual arguments for marriage does not work in the case of incest. Banning incest marriage (specific mate) does not restrict all the choices people have in marriage unlike banning homosexual marriage (category of mates).
  • 6 - Attack at Manchester Arena

    Today at 04:35 AM by yeezevee

    Police said they believe a suicide bomber may have been responsible for the deadly incident in Manchester that left at least 19 people, according to US officials reportedly briefed on what happened.


    A suspected suicide bomber targeted a concert in England by pop star Ariana Grande Monday, killing at least 19 people in a blast that went off just as the crowd of her young fans was leaving the venue.

    The tragedy left some 50 people injured and sent a panic through a throng of music lovers outside the Manchester Arena immediately after a performance by the “Dangerous Woman” singer, according to local police department.

    Among the casualties were a large number of young girls, according to CBS News.

  • 7 - Attack at Manchester Arena

    Today at 03:23 AM by Philowolf

    19 dead 50 injured .... good to hear that locals are taking people in their homes for free who are strandead in manchester and taxis offering free rides home.
  • 8 - Funny/Cool/Interesting memes, pics & graphics

    Today at 03:16 AM by olweasel
  • 9 - Truce in the Culture War

    Today at 02:54 AM by three
    Hey, better to have the PTSD where you can cry than the kind where you can't. You just take care of you. Not much else matters.
  • 10 - Truce in the Culture War

    Today at 01:57 AM by gal_from_usa
    jesus fucking christ....ok....i'm going to go have a cry because i'm still emotional about my ptsd episode earlier, then i'm going to see I can make an attempt at an explanation that can convert you to my way of seeing things or at least to understand what I think has gone wrong here...and if that fails, I'm not going to even try to have a discussion about this anymore because we don't share enough common ground for that to be productive.
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