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 Topic: France Sarkozy hides in bar amid protest .. says news..

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  • France Sarkozy hides in bar amid protest .. says news..
     OP - March 02, 2012, 12:33 AM

    France Sarkozy hides in bar amid protest  .. says news..

    Hundreds of angry protesters have booed French President Nicolas Sarkozy, forcing him to take shelter in a bar as he campaigned in the Basque country ahead of April's presidential election.  Some in the crowd then threw eggs at the bar, which was guarded by riot police in the south-western town of Bayonne. Mr Sarkozy described the protesters - Basque nationalists and supporters of his rival Socialist candidate Francois Hollande - as "hooligans".

    He left the bar after about an hour.

    common man next time make sure you will have burkha with one of your assistants., when such problems arise  instead of taking shelter in bar,  Go in to bar  put on burkha and walk away along some Muslim guy..

    Freedom of Expression is a Fundamental Right  
    Release The bloggers from Jails.  Protect The Bloggers from  Baboons
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